I'll be there for you (inspiration post)

Monday, 1 April 2013

Ok. So I wanted to do an inspiration post based on a tv show (because let's face it, all I do is watch tv so I may as well try to make something useful out of it) and I just felt like f.r.i.e.n.d.s would be an ideal place to start. It's the perfect 90's show, with a heap of flannel shirts, high-waist levi 501s, iconic hairdos, baggy bowling shirts, and the occasional pair of tartan maternity pants...
I would write you all a little synopsis of the show but the vast majority of you probably know Friends inside and out already (if you live in england you'll probably be aware that it is shown on tv ALL THE TIME) To anyone who doesn't know Friends, then basically it is an american comedy show from the 90s which follows the story of a group of friends living in New York.
I personally love oversized jumpers and think everyone in the entire world ever should just wear them always (especially Joey (on the left) because just look)
Rachel is literally the queen of the 90s really. I mean her haircut was copied by literally every single woman (probably some men too) and she's still a huge style icon today...just look at the tie up shirt and skater skirt combo..she looks like an advert for American Apparel.

Monica's clothes were also pretty awesome...I'm in love with that jacket. Pastels are always a great spring/summer choice, and I especially like the contrast between the pale yellow and her dark hair.
Phoebe has a slightly more experimental way of dressing, and despite her clothes often looking 'thrown together' they always have a certain quirky edge that makes them more than just a random choice, and more like a superior knowledge of fashion, compared to the other girls' relatively mainstream style. Her style varies from being a little bohemian, hippy-chic to being quite grungy and almost gothic at times, and then seeming incredibly classy at others.
I love this little lilac cardigan, it reminds me of the sort of pastel ones you can often find in charity shops for like £3. On a makeup note, the almost-nude lips and natural eyes really make the lilac and her blonde hair stand out.
Chandler is the king of oversized shirts. I love oversized shirts.
Phoebe's hairstyles are amazing...always slightly messy but then obviously 'done', and not just scrunched up. Reminds me a little of Janis from Mean Girls.
Not the best screencap I know, but dungarees are literally my most favourite thing in the entire world. Rachel manages to make them look slightly more chic than grungy by wearing tightfitting denim and wearing them over a strappy white vest. I really want to try this outfit myself.
Joey is my most favourite person ever and he is perfect LOOK AT HIM WITH A DUCKLING
So that's all the inspiration I have...think of this post as a sort of friends moodboard. All screencaps are from google images, and if you own any/want any removed please just email me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
this post was scheduled as I'm away on holiday at the moment (hence the lack of good posts) so any new followers I will check your blogs out when I get back, and will reply to any comments as soon as I can! I promise I will get back to you once I'm back in england :)
ellie xo


  1. Great inspiring post! Love it!! xx


  2. I love all the clothes they wear and Joey is the best! X

  3. Ey I'm now following you because I saw your blog at the lookbook forum. So follow me back ;)

    By the way.. I like your blog :)


  4. phoebe is my spirit animal <3


    1. Ahh Tessa! I'm like the hugest fan of your blog ah :D
      And yes..phoebe is just awesome :)

  5. haha so cute, oh the nineties...

    x itsrainingblueumbrellas.blogspot.com

    1. it was a pretty rad decade wasn't it?! Xx

  6. I love friends, but chandler is my favourite character


    1. His sarcasm is the best thing in the world! X

  7. Have to say I have never thought of friends this way, but I love the inspirations!
    I haven't seen someone do an inspiration post like this, but it is awesome - well done :)

    x g.


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