And the sky was made of amethyst

Monday, 29 April 2013

Happy Monday! Monday sucks. My monday sucked a little less than usual though, because my art teacher suggested I did my whole project on David Bowie and I am so excited and yeah. Anyway, here is the outfit I wore to go and have tea and cakes with my Nan on Sunday (how very english of us!) I got the top from Camden when I went with my friends on friday, and the skirt from Portobello road (Notting Hill). My cross necklace was a present and my chain also from Notting Hill, and my
shoes are from Office.
I know the photos are really out of focus and I'm sorry but it was super windy outside and I didn't have time to do them again.

(below: all from tumblr. just tell me if you want me to try and find the source/take any down)

(had to get Bowie in there somewhere)
So I went to Camden Market with a few friends on our day off on Friday, and I had some film left on one of the disposable cameras from Italy, so we ended up taking a bunch of photos which kind of fit the vibe I'm feeling this week.

(my Rock by Mail stuff came (not the glasses; they're from Notting Hill) I suggest you order some bits and bobs off there as not only do they have loads of cool stuff for good prices but everything I ordered came nicely packaged & presented one working day after ordering)

(Above: Two pages from my mum's teenage journal, with postcards and pressed flowers. Below: The first couple of pages from my journal)

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You don't like rock and roll and I don't like you

Friday, 26 April 2013

Happy Friday guys! Hope you've all been having a good week...I've got a day off today so thought before I run out to camden with some friends (I know right, I'm actually leaving the house omg!!?) I'd sort out a new post. I'm feeling pretty rubbish today actually, though I'm not sure whether I have a cold or my body has gone into shock after I drank a huge glass of pomegranate juice without realising how much sugar it had in it. oops.
I wore this outfit to go to Pisa in Italy, and ended up getting a bunch of tourists giving me confused looks the whole day, which although a little off-putting at first, I've started to take as a confirmation that I am doing what I intended to do and not dressing like everyone else. I need to stop bitch facing back though, I'm sure it makes me look very unapproachable.

I am so totally in love with these badges. I got them in Venice and wear them on literally every item of clothing I own. They also have made me want to buy more badges.

(Shirt: a vintage brand from topshop in oxford street, cardigan-thing: I Feel Used, asos marketplace, dungarees: episode, tights: h&m, socks: topshop, shoes: office, bag: mum's, glasses: camden) 
I'm also going to take this opportunity to recommend to you the wonders of Asos Marketplace. Basically, Asos (online shopping heaven) has a separate section where loads of independent boutiques can sell things securely, and there are a tonne of gorgeous vintage boutiques with prices ranging from way over budget to so cheap, you end up buying four of the same thing just because you feel like you've got a such a good deal. I end up browsing boutiques like Dusty & Dylan, I Feel Used, Grandma's Washing Line and Gone Retro, although there are loads more that I haven't checked out yet.
I ordered this gorgeous jacket from Gone Retro on sunday, and although it wasn't the cheapest (£45, a huge spend for me) I was so pleased with the service that it was totally worth it. There was a £5 postage cost, which isn't that bad, and it came on tuesday...which made me extremely happy. I think you pay the same postage even if you buy a few items, which is even cooler. I'm really happy with it as well, it's exactly the size and in the exact condition they described, and I am most definitely going to order like their whole shop. Well, once I get some money, that is. Do any of you know of any other good online stores? If you do I would love to hear about them, as I'm often way too lazy to leave my laptop.
Sorry for the incredibly short post today, I'll post some inspiration or journalling or something in the next few days or so ^_^
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the ancient empty street's too dead for dreaming

Monday, 22 April 2013

Hello all you lovely people. How's your week going?! I've actually been productive, and my Journal (which I got from Venice and is gorgeous and is the colour of Bowie's Ziggy Stardust hair) is actually starting to look good...all it needs is a little glitter here and there and it'll be ready to show you guys.
I've been feeling loads of dreamy, flower-y, spring-y vibes, so felt it would be the right time to post this outfit which I wore to visit the Boboli gardens in Florence. I got the trousers for £10 in Rokit, and they are the comfiest things ever (apart from my dungarees) I love them to bits, but they're kinda hard to wear with anything other than platforms or wedges and a crop top (otherwise they end up looking a little like pyjama bottoms).
Florence is such a gorgeous place, with loads of high end and designer stores, nice restaurants, gorgeous ice cream parlours (hazelnut is the best ice cream, hands down) and then amazing historical architecture, and loads of famous artwork in either the Uffizi or the Accademia. I visited both galleries and saw DaVinci's 'David' (which was stunning. and a little bit terrifying that one person actually made that) and one of my all time favourite paintings ever: 'The Birth of Venus' by Botticelli.
I love art galleries...I don't know, they're just so peaceful. I especially like them now I'm studying art, because I feel like I have a good reason to spend half my time there.
I'm wearing a polo neck crop from american apparel, vintage cardigan from Blitz, vintage patterned trousers from Rokit, shoes from Office, sunglasses from Camden, gold necklace from somewhere and my mum's old duffle bag. I used a velvet scrunchie from urban outfitters in my hair.
(above: both unknown, from tumblr)
(favourite Rookie shoots...this one, this one, and this one.)
Sort of went off on a little pastel/springtime tangent there, but God I just love those shoots and all the colours and the sun...we had one day of sun on saturday and it was perfect; I spent the day in the garden playing guitar and collaging. I definitely need it to start getting warmer so I can put my winter stuff away and do that kind of thing more often.
ellie xo

strung out in heaven's high

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hello again! I'm back! Finally, after what seems like a lifetime, I'm actually posting again. (sorry about the scheduled posts. and the lack of outfits etc etc) I'm completely home and sorted now and plan to go back to (or start) regular blogging, hopefully.
So as you probably already gathered, I spent the two weeks of Easter on a sort of Italian roadtrip for my mum's birthday, which was AWESOME and amazing for so many reasons, the main one being I got to see so much of Italy in such a short space of time (and I managed to take literally my entire wardrobe with me). I spent the time pretty much living in my dungarees, which I got from Episode (cute little vintage shop round the back of Camden market) for £10 without trying them on, and they fit and I love them and they look great with my little badges and they are so freaking comfortable.
We drove through Mont Blanc and the scenery was so amazing, so I got my dad to take a few pictures...I'm wearing my dungarees from Episode, lace tights from H&M, a lace shirt (worn under) from a charity shop, camoflage top & sunglasses from Camden market, shoes from Office and socks from Topshop. I felt incredibly lacey but I love lace so you know, all's good.
I don't know why but I seriously felt like I was in Twin Peaks. It just reminded me of the intro so much, so I was half expecting to end up a part of a murder case, if you get my drift. I spent the entire drive looking for the 'Welcome to Twin Peaks' sign.
I just felt super dreamy the whole time, here's a little idea of what I had in my brain:
Bob Dylan fits the vibe perfectly. I just think of pastel coloured flowers, disposable cameras, twirling around in long skirts, and drinking homemade lemonade, with his perfect voice spilling out of a portable record player somewhere.
(all above images from tumblr. (except the first one of the mountains, which my dad took) If you want me to source any/take any down etc then just leave me a comment!)
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