Quick Update!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hi Guys! :)
Its nice to actually be addressing people now, felt a bit lonely before writing to no one! Anyway, my camera is broken again, but I'm going to sort it tomorrow night, so expect a new outfit post by Monday, along with another showing you my recent purchases! Especially as I'm planning on visiting a huge thrift sale this weekend, and so should hopefully pick up something nice!
Thank you so much for following me, I know there aren't that many of you yet but it really means a lot to me, thank you for your patience and I promise I won't disappoint!
ellie x
p.s...have a odd photo from the snow. enjoy.

Peppermint Tea

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Saturday! I literally just stumbled out of bed, and thought what better time to make a new blog post?! I can't express how glad I am that it's the weekend...trying to get up my road in the snow has been difficult enough, let alone walking around school. I also like the weekends more as I'm much more experimental with what I wear, as I have more time in the mornings to decide on an outfit, and I'm not going to be sitting for hours in a maths lesson so it doesn't really matter how comfortable my choice is. I'm going out tonight to have dinner with my God parents (I have no idea whether that's one word or two) and my cousins, so I'm looking forward to completely pigging out on Indian food...and then tomorrow I plan on doing a little bit of clothes shopping hopefully, so I'll post some pictures if I get anything nice.
(*for the above picture, I'm wearing a forest green polo neck jumper from Rokit, a pair of slightly too-big dungarees from Beyond Retro, some tights from M&S, and this adorable little half eaten apple necklace from Topshop that I got about four years ago.)
Please check out my lookbook (http://lookbook.nu/ellie_c) and my most recent look (http://lookbook.nu/look/4509421-peppermint-tea) thankyou :)
ellie xo

Snow Day

Monday, 21 January 2013

It snowed! Finally!
After what seems like forever we finally got our white Christmas, even if it is a month late. I also got the day off school, which has made me extremely happy. I'm currently drinking cadbury's hazelnut hot chocolate (which is AMAZING) and desperately trying to be productive...
I did manage to get off my bum and take some more pictures, so I should be able to post more regularly this week or so :)
If you haven't already, please check out my lookbook (http://lookbook.nu/ellie_c/) as I'm trying to start posting looks regularly on there too.
ellie xo

Leather & Band Shirts

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I'm back! I'm posting again! And I'm so sorry for the break...blogging over Christmas is difficult. Anyway, here's some pictures I took last week. I got some vouchers for Blitz and Rokit for Christmas and so went a little shopping-crazy at brick lane...I even managed to get some dungarees which I've been wanting forever. I'll probably do a little photoset soon of all the new stuff I've added to my wardrobe over the holidays :)
I'm wearing a vintage My Chemical Romance top and leather skirt from Blitz, tights from M&S, boots from Rokit and a jacket from a kilo sale.
I'm also wearing cute little frilly socks from Topshop but you can't really see them...but they are really cute. You're just going to have to trust me.
ellie xo


I'm still alive!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

It's January 2013. Wow. I survived the end of the world, and the abnormal amount of food I ate over christmas (and I mean abnormal. I think I've put on about 2 stone but I'm too scared to weigh myself and check). However, I have literally neglected this blog and you guys and I am sososo sorry!
I've had a hectic christmas and have just finished my first week back at school, which was painful and tiring and generally boring, but I'm back now and I promise I'm going to try and keep on top of my resolutions and post at least once a week...so basically thank you for your time and patience and just general nice-ness!
I have so much to write and say and show you all after christmas, better get started I guess!
ellie x
-p.s I'm putting up a new photos tomorrow x