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Monday, 31 March 2014

Hello again. Today has probably been the most tiring day I have had in a long time, and I didn't even do anything out of the ordinary. The combination of clocks going forwards, late nights and a busy revision schedule has had me unable to sleep properly for the last few nights, and so as you can imagine I spent the majority of today desperately trying not to fall asleep in almost every lesson. I survived though (even though I definitely blanked out a few times in chemistry). 

On Saturday I went to Hoxton Market, to pick up a pair of my glasses that were having my prescription lenses put in them. A close family friend recommended it to us, and I have to say it was just what a street market should be - busy, vibrant, yet quiet and peaceful, with all the quirks of East London (even salt beef for you beigel fans!). Even better, it's only a short walk from Spitalfield's and Brick Lane, meaning you can do the whole shebang in one day.
I wore my shirt from Beyond Retro, waistcoat from To Be Worn Again, belt from Blitz, shorts from Rokit, tights from H&M, socks from Topshop and shoes from Clothes Show.

We stopped at the Barrel Boulangerie for lunch, which is a sweet little café right in the market. They serve coffee, cakes, all kinds of breakfasts and lunches, and even evening meals like pizzas and savoury crêpes. The interior is really calming and natural and the food is incredible...I had broccoli soup and rye bread, which was absolutely delicious, and their other options looked just as good. If the toilets were a little nicer, it would be a solid 10/10. Definitely worth a visit for lunch though, and I'm sure I'll be back to try out the breakfast too. 

I hope you are all having a good week (as you can see from the above picture, Elvis is doing well, although he's getting really big now and is still refusing to eat any fresh food except apple). I break up for Easter on Friday, and am seriously looking forward to not having to get up for school every morning. Even just another half an hour in bed would be nice. Also, the Beyond Retro shoot should be going up this week - I can't wait to show you guys!

Ellie xo

and a thimblesworth of milky moon can touch hearts larger than a thimble

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hello again. I've been meaning to post all week, but as per usual schoolwork has completely taken over my life. I'm not feeling too bad about it though - my Textiles coursework is all due tomorrow, and although getting it all ready is quite demanding, I know I'm going to feel so good once it's all done and dusted. The workload for Design and Technology subjects like Textiles really surprised me - obviously I love fashion, designing and making, but I never expected that for GCSE we would have to carry out a project in that much detail. I don't regret taking it whatsoever though, as it has given me such an insight into what it would be like if I took Fashion Design further and studied it for A-Level or at University. 
Anyway, these pictures are all from last Saturday; I took a quite spontaneous trip to my childhood haunt, The Natural History Museum in South Kensington. I used to go there all the time because I absolutely adored seeing the dinosaur skeletons (when I was little I wanted to be a paleontologist), however I haven't been in felt like arriving at your family's house for the holidays. I managed to work it into my art project as I'm looking at pattern and repetition, so I did a few sketches of repeated patterns I could see in nature. 

 The Museum is such an amazing place, originating from 1753, when Sir Henry Sloane left his extensive collection of curiosities to the nation. They began the Natural History Collection, which has grown considerably and now fills the lofty stone rooms. There are all kinds of fossils, skeletons, rocks, minerals, species and files on display, including birds from Charles Darwin's own collection (a few of his unusual pigeons that were part of his proof that formed The Origin of the Species). Geologists, Biologists, Geographers and Zoologists can unite in this elaborate mecca of natural history, with perfect environments for art and the odd bit of revision. It is a fabulous place for a day out, and as entry is free, it's also the perfect place for last minute exam friends and I are planning on going to revise for our Biology and Geography exams next month.
It also has a really welcoming and relaxed feel, despite being the home of such valuable and rare collections. Food and drink is permitted, and seemingly no one abuses it - the relaxed rule means people eat and drink when they need to, and just to keep them going so they can enjoy the displays. Children are welcomed, with interactive displays, and of course lots of benches and spaces for tired parents and lunches (if you prefer to bring your own). The cafés are lovely (as you can see above the portions are huge!) and basically the entire atmosphere is vibrant and bubbly and full of interested people.

I wore my new velvet jeans that I bought from Beyond Retro. I absolutely adore the shape of them - they are really high-waisted and super comfy, and basically my dream trousers. I wore them with my shirt from Brick Lane, gold vest-sweater from the Vintage Carboot Sale, necklace and belt from Beyond Retro, backpack and shoes from Rokit and socks from Topshop. My jacket used to be my mum's when she was about my age. It's really weird because without seeing many pictures of my mum as a teen, I seemed to have developed almost the exact same style as hers. Maybe it's genetic.

 It's a really amazing place to visit. I could easily spend all day painting butterflies like the ones above.
Anyway, I better get back to my coursework (I literally have one page to do and then I never have to do it again, the excitement is excruciating). Also, I have seen the final photographs from the Beyond Retro photoshoot, and I love them! I can't wait to share them with you guys.

Ellie xo

much communication in a motion

Friday, 21 March 2014

Hello again. This week has passed in a crazy blur - from school reports, college applications, late night cinema trips to modelling for Beyond Retro, I think the last five days has pretty much covered it all. Everything had begun to feel a little grey and monotonous again recently, but this week has definitely restored my spirits (and my faith in humanity).
The highlight, however, has to be Wednesday, when I was fortunate enough to be asked to model for my all-time favourite vintage store Beyond Retro, alongside the gorgeous Charlotte and Maddy. After having hair and makeup done, we got to spend the day floating around Brick Lane in the cutest outfits for their Prom edit, which obviously was a complete dream come true - I just can't wait to get the pictures back so I can show you!
On Thursday, I went on a spontaneous late night trip to my local cinema to see Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was, of course, absolutely fantastic, with my favourite character having to be the extravagant Madame D, played by Tilda Swinton. All I can say is Wes Anderson never lets you down.

On the way back from Shoreditch on Wednesday, I stopped off to have a wander around the old disused railway line that runs near my house. It was so quiet and calm up above the houses, and has made me want to bring my artwork outside on an early morning instead of trying to paint hunched up indoors all the time.

I wore my dotty tights and socks from Topshop, shoes and skirt from Rokit, shirt and sweater from the Vintage Car Boot Sale and coat from River Island.

 My outfits recently have been very yellow-based. This one in particular felt very Wes Anderson too, which I see as no bad thing (it's still my number one dream to be Suzy Bishop...I am still on the hunt for a cute little pair of binoculars).

Here is a sneak preview from the Beyond Retro shoot, styled by the lovely Naomi Rowland from Two Shoes One Pair, and photographed by the awesome Hollie Fernando ...I can't wait to show you guys all of the pictures next week.
Hope you are all well!

Ellie xo

My friends say I'm acting peculiarly

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hello again! It feels like we have a lot to catch up on. Last weekend was a particularly busy one for me - bridesmaid-dress shopping with my cousin on Saturday (I've been left with urges to wear an antique wedding dress 24/7 and get all Cecilia Lisbon on you guys), followed by a friend's 1998-themed birthday party, to which I went dressed as one half of the twins in The Parent Trap. After spending a lovely night dancing to Abba and the occasional Kate Bush, I decided to spend Sunday down at the Vintage Car Boot Sale on the Southbank. It was a good decision - amazing vintage cars, combined with stalls upon stalls of kitschy clothes and homewares...what was not to love?! There was also incredible food, live music and the weather was almost felt like I was on holiday.

As usual, we arrived just as it opened, and so had the entire event pretty much to ourselves for a while before everyone else arrived. It gave me time to take some pictures of my outfit, which was of course slightly bizarre and very yellow. The cardigan, shoes and belt are from Beyond Retro, the dress from Camden Market,  the shirt from Blitz and the tights and socks from Topshop. I did wear a variation of this outfit to Clothes Show Live in December, and so I apologise as yes, I am an outfit repeater. Sue me.

The food did not disappoint - although tempted by the amazing hot dogs, mac & cheese, fajitas and many other exciting options available for lunch, I chose edamame, dumplings and salad which was as heavenly as dumplings and salad can be (i.e: very heavenly).

Everything had such a retro feel to it - the only cars allowed inside the event space had to be registered classic cars, and so for the time you spent there you could sort of pretend that nothing newer even existed. It got much busier as the day went on, and as the weather brightened up, until it became a noisy hub of vintage lovers and 60's throwbacks....greying and course men, skin as worn as the leather on a car seat lounged familiarly on classic vespas, their mod haircuts and leather jackets not framing their faces and figures the way they probably used to. 40's hair was the style of the day, with red lips and small waists in abundance. It was a lovely gathering of those of us who are somewhat 'time-warped', and a lovely place for the more flamboyant-styled to be admired and celebrated.

I also had my first ice cream van ice cream of the year - and obviously thought it was so good I couldn't manage to open my eyes for the photograph. Oops.

 On the way home, we stopped by Konditor & Cook to pick up some little cakes (toffee apple crumble, need I say more). For some reason, the day felt like it went on forever, which was wonderful - time flies so fast for me nowadays, and so I relish the moments where it drags a little. I dream of those long summer days, with nothing to do except sprawl in the sun, reading Lolita and listening to Bob Dylan.
I hope you all had a good weekend,

ellie xo