This chaos, it defies imagination

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

(Vintage Leopard print shirt: brick lane, Pattern Jumper: Blitz, Levi shorts: Rokit, Tights: M&S, Shoes: Office.)
Happy Tuesday guys!
I'm on half-term this week, which means no school until next monday...I can't physically express just how much I needed the break! I haven't had much time to relax yet though, as I spent the weekend away in Hereford with some friends (which was lovely...nothing beats a good sunday roast and a walk in the country!) and then I had to nip into school on monday morning to continue work on my textiles project, followed by a nice coffee with my god mum. I then had to fit in my orthodontist appointment in between my day of art coursework, and organise seeing my school friends later in the week. I love being busy - it makes you really appreciate those lazy pyjama days I like to have.
I'm heading off to an art exhibition tomorrow (expect outfit posts!) and then Somerset House's Valentino exhibition on thursday, which I am super excited for as not only is it Valentino we're talking about, but London Fashion Week will be taking place in the same venue. You never know, one day I might actually get to attend the shows instead of just watching the video clips online!
ellie xo

Just one of those days

Friday, 15 February 2013

(big dolphin jumper: rokit, leather skirt: blitz, white shirt: h&m, tights: m&s, shoes: office.)
Happy Friday! I broke up from school today (yay), and I am so pumped for this half term. I'm going to Hereford for the weekend to see some close friends, and then hopefully going out a lot with my school friends during the week. I'm also going to go and see the Valentino exhibition at somerset house on thursday, which I am so excited for...especially since London Fashion Week is in full swing at the moment. I wish I was going, I would literally do anything to see a Vivienne Westwood or Marc Jacobs runway show.
I'm also super excited as I've got loads of time now to take more pictures for you guys, and I'm also going to try and do some reviews and tutorials along with my usual outfit post.
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Billion Dollar Babies

Saturday, 9 February 2013

I was originally going to post this tomorrow but hey, I've just spent three hours editing my theme so I may as well post this now. I am currently obsessed with these jeans, which I got for about £18 from Blitz in brick lane...they're super comfy and go with literally anything. Here I thought I'd try wearing them with my Beyond Retro lace crop top and creepers. I used to wear my creepers literally every single day and am trying to re-introduce them back into my wardrobe, especially since I'm going to customise my other pair.
In other news, I found the best website for jazzing up your blog: You can choose from loads of free backgrounds, buttons and cute little extras (like my new twitter and facebook buttons and my header) to give your blog a little spring makeover...I really recommend you check them out!
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~Work In Progress~

As I'm sure you can see, my theme is under construction and is all over the place at the moment...I have to go out now and so plan on finishing editing it tomorrow, so thankyou for your patience and I promise it won't look this messed up tomorrow!
ellie xo

I know you know what I mean

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hiya, just thought I'd do a quick mid-week post, apologies for the photos, I know I'm not very photogenic! Anyway, how has your week been? I haven't really done much apart from go to school, which sucks...I'd much rather be out doing something fun. I really don't understand the whole 'school is the best time of your life' phrase, I mean you are forced to spend seven hours a day with people you might not get along with, studying subjects you might not like. I don't see how that's better than getting up late and blogging all day.
I've also got to make a 90's themed skirt for my school's fashion show next week, and I'm going to try and photograph as much of the process as possible so I can show you guys...hopefully it won't fail completely!
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Is it spring yet?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Seriously though, I'm really missing the days when you could just go out in a shirt or thin jumper, without having to pile on a massive coat and thick denims. We've had our bit of fun in the snow, now it's time for spring, I think.
Here I'm wearing my new checked shirt from the thrift sale yesterday, along with my Levi shorts from Rokit, my Underground creepers and my blink-182 top from Grindstore.
I've sorted my camera now (phew) and have taken a bunch of photos today, so I'm all set to keep you guys posted throughout the week :)
ellie xo

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Thrift Sale

Thrift Sales are stressful. However for just £20 you can fill an entire bag with as many clothes as it will fit, so in my opinion it is definitely worth braving all the ugly 80's christmas sweaters and the room full of determined shoppers. I was quite proud of myself actually...since I'm quite small, I could squeeze through all the people and find some quirky little items, which you'll see properly in my upcoming outfit posts :)
I totally recommend keeping up to date with local markets and sales, as this one was really worthwhile, and they can save you quite a bit of money if you're after a little wardrobe update.
Above is a little snapshot of my haul, however I also got an oversized navy checkered blazer but I'm waiting to get it back from the dry cleaners before I can show it to you!