I definitely saw you somewhere before

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Guess who has finished school for good? It feels so strange, the fact that I will never have to go to lessons again...I feel very ready for my art foundation course though and so am excited to be moving on towards that at last.
These photos are from a while ago, when I filmed an interview about the representation of women in film for Stylist Magazine. I went a little wild with a colour scheme and clashing patterns, and ended up looking somewhat christmassy despite it nearly being full-blown summer.

I wore a vintage cardigan with Beyond Retro shorts, vintage boots, Topshop top and bag from The Whitepepper. My jewellery is either vintage or from Hirst Antiques.

It was really eye-opening thinking about the representation of women in so much depth - I found it incredibily enlightening as well as a really fun experience as the team were so lovely! Part one is up on youtube now, and you can watch it here.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I finished school on Friday. It is tradition at my college to dress up on the last day, and so my friend and I dressed as "pretentious/stereotypical art students" as that is what we are leaving to hopefully become! I took a ridiculous amount of photos but will share some of my favourites...

A few art exam snaps // sleepover pre-last-day

It feels really weird being dressed up at school // our last art lesson was spent crying over personalised self-portrait cookies made by my teacher, and dancing to SHINee because why not?

 Last lessons ever // the entire group then ended up at the park, where we stayed for hours

 A few random photographs of my bedroom

A friend's birthday a few weeks ago // A photo taken on the roll of film still in my camera when I bought it

I hope you all have a lovely week - I'm actually off to Paris tomorrow with Sinead and Sophie to sightsee and dance and see SHINee and BTS and it's all very exciting ~~ also I just cut a fringe so as you can tell so much is happening but I will be updating you as I go!

eyes that pretend they don't know anything, I like that sort of thing

Monday, 23 May 2016

Back again with another overdue post ~~
It feels slightly unreal that I'm completely finishing school in a week. No more lessons in the same way, no more 10 minute walk to college...it's going to be so different but I'm really looking forward to the change. My summer plans begin quite early too...I will be in Paris before my exams begin, then Berlin and Vienna afterwards. It'll be such a nice break, plus a chance to explore and get some inspiration before starting my art foundation course in September.
Anyway, these photos are from a day trip to Margate a few weeks ago. Margate is one of my favourite seaside places as it has an amazing art gallery and amazing charity shops, as well as being close to Whitstable which is just as lovely. We visited both in one day, on the Bank Holiday, and it was grey and wonderfully quintessentially British.

I seem to have been inspired by schoolboy uniforms...the checked shorts are from Beyond Retro, the jacket was part of a suit in a charity shop that my friend's mum spotted and told him to tell me to buy. The blue glitter shirt is also from a charity shop, I found the cow print socks on amazon and the shoes are from Monki.

All jewellery is from Hirst Antiques.
I love spending time by the seaside...I have a habit of taking a trip out of the city before exams begin, as I always find it really calming and it helps to clear my mind before the onslaught of stress and panic begins. It's so refreshing and also not hard to do in a day - luckily, London is not too far from the coast by car or train.

I visited the Turner Contemporary gallery to see the Joachim Koester exhibition; it was a fascinating mix of film and photography, and also there was work by Yinka Shonibare on display in the entrance. It's one of my favourite galleries and never fails to put on captivating shows and brighten my day. I also went shopping and couldn't resist a few amazing charity shop bargains including a 35mm camera with built-in flash for only £2.50...what a dream come true?!

I ended the day with hummus in pitta and salad from a fish and chip shop, which I ate on the beach overlooking the rough evening sea. It was a calming and satisfying end to the day and I really wish I was back there - nothing beats salty, fresh sea air blowing through your hair, brightening your skin and making you feel seriously alive.
In other news, Jonghyun's newest song is an absolute killer and the music video is SO BEAUTIFUL...you can watch it here although I included some screenshots to convince you just in case my enthusiasm wasn't quite enough...

I love the really saturated colours / bright contrasts / everything and want to wear block colours all the time. I hope you are all having a lovely week!