the blue moonlight makes this a beautiful night

Friday, 25 March 2016

It's Easter! How pleasant. The sun is shining, it's a bank holiday, I've just made a huge mug of hot lemon and ginger, and I have time to relax a little. Perfect.
I've been feeling a little overstretched with schoolwork, trying to fit it in along with keeping this blog up to date, personal projects and the like, but these two weeks will be perfect to sort my head out and reorganise before exams begin. Also, I really need to finish a few projects such as Bloom, get my Etsy back up and running, and start a new little creative venture I'm planning, so watch this space! I'm hoping to make this holiday super productive.
Anyway, today was my first day off, so after a (compulsory) lie-in I went out to run a few errands. I decided to wear the vintage kimono I bought at the vintage flea market last weekend, as I am totally in love with it and couldn't bear to look at it hanging in my room any longer without it being on my person. I adore just how big it is - I love patterns, and so to be entirely engulfed in patterned fabric is pretty much my version of heaven.

 The kimono is vintage, the leopard top from Beyond Retro, bralet from Monki, culottes from Topshop, shoes from Underground and sunglasses from a vintage shop on Portobello Road.
I fell in love with the kimono the moment I saw it - hidden at the back of a stall on a mannequin, I was fascinated by its beautiful pattern and the prospect of owning such an amazingly structured piece.

 Kimonos would traditionally have been taken apart for washing and re-sewn for wear, meaning authentic ones tend to be hand made. It's amazing how much time and thought can go into an item of clothing, and how much significance it can have - it serves as an example of real fashion and artistry, and contrasts greatly to the mass-produced generic items that are churned out nowadays.

 On the subject of time (sort of), I wanted to look back through some of the designers and work I saw whilst at London Fashion Week (specifically the International Fashion Showcase, that I wasn't able to write about in depth at the time). The theme was "Fashion Utopias," and saw designers worldwide responding to the concept of Utopia in their own distinct way, as well as showcasing emerging talent from across the globe.
Ukraine's new wave of young fashion design talent was clearly portrayed in the exhibition, with designs from the likes of Masha Reva (a Central Saint Martins graduate), Yana Chervinska and Lara Quint putting together a zine as well as presenting their work. The zine, and all of it's contents, was created, designed and printed in 4 hours in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was amazing to see just how much they had managed to do and how creative they had been in such a short time period. Masha Reva's work stuck out to me as I remember falling in love with a long white tailored jacket, covered in her beautiful illustrations.

(all photos from Masha Reva)

Another designer that caught my eye was GY Kimchoe, a London-based label established by Gyo Kim and Yuni Choe, graduates from Central Saint Martins and Ravensbourne respectively. The pair stick to a multi-cultural, gender fluid aesthetic, and making sure their work pays off morally by taking a sustainable issue to base the designs on, to which they donate money at the end of the season. As they state on their webpage, "positive impact is at the heart of the brand," and this could not be more true for this season; an eclectic mix of prints and structure inspired by thoughts of animal cruelty. By creating fashion that brings these issues to mind, GY Kimchoe manage to turn the spotlight onto the fashion industry and raise questions about the sustainability and 'cruelty-free' aspect of clothing, as well as produce a fantastic collection of clothes with heartfelt meaning.

 (all photos from Noctis Magazine, and GY Kimchoe's webpage)

In other news, as I am off school for these two weeks I should have more time to carry on looking back at LFW designers I hadn't been able to write about before, as well as post more of my own outfits and photographs as well. I hope you are all having a lovely Easter break!

it's the grooviest thing, it's the perfect dream

Monday, 21 March 2016

You know it's going to be a peaceful week when your Monday is spent taking moulds of your arms in clay for a sculptural project, drinking coffee with friends and then working hard on ~creative~ things whilst drinking a potentially lethal amount of hot lemon and ginger. My magazine, Bloom, is in it's final stages, print pricing and all that expect to actually see it soon, despite me saying "it's nearly ready!" for such a long time. I've had a few major setbacks with it and learnt that I'm actually a major perfectionist, which delayed getting it published as I didn't want to put so much work in to something and involve so many cool contributors only to put out a product I wasn't 100% happy with. I'm pleased to say it is actually finished now, which only the last alignments to be done before I send it off to get put onto paper. Safe to say it would have been much easier to just make an online zine or print one from home, but I have learnt a lot through choosing to put Bloom together as I have and so I can only hope it's long incubation and soon release will be worth it. 

On Sunday, my family and I spent the morning at an antiques furniture flea market in Bethnal Green, which of course was perfect opportunity to try out my new pieces from COW vintage (wearecow). I'm not one to take the simple option, so decided to throw everything together as nothing is better than crazy clashing florals to liven up a sleepy Sunday morning. I've been after floral co-ordinates forever, so was super excited to style this purple set. I wore them over a mesh top from COW's own label, which really picked out the lighter tones in the floral and emphasised the cut-out crossover detail on the back of the top. I wore a vintage kimono from COW over the top, which felt very appropriate as the pink floral really made me think of spring. It also has a great oversized shape which offsets the structure of the pieces worn underneath. I added my cute bag from The Whitepepper, Topshop tights and creepers from Underground to finish it off.

The jewellery is a set from Askew London from Hirst Antiques (online shop is here). I love jewellery that jingles and makes noise as I move. I also decorated the back of my phone with discarded stickers for some reason this week, and it weirdly matched this outfit. All phones need a random badger sticker right?!
The fair itself was really nice; it's a shame that London prices are so high, but I managed to find an amazing full length, authentic vintage kimono, which we bartered down a little because of some minor imperfections, and managed to get for a really good price. I'm so in love with and excited about it.

It's my last week of school this week before the Easter - I'm really looking forward to the break, as I have a lot of creative work I want to get done properly but haven't had time to with college hours. It'll be a welcome bit of freedom before pre-exam stress really kicks in. I hope you are all having a good week and hope you have a lovely Easter if you are also off school in the next few weeks!