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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Happy Sunday! I can't believe I've been off school for over a week...I've done loads, but it seems to have gone so fast. I really don't want this summer to end, even though it's only just started.
Anyway, today I met up with Amber who I bumped into at Camden Market last Sunday. She recognised me from my blog and we ended up going to brick lane today, which was super awesome. She has a really cool blog ( which you should totally check out.
I wore my MCR top from Blitz, white beads from Rokit, socks from Topshop and converse, which I seem to be wearing non-stop lately. I got the shorts from Rokit in april, but for some reason didn't wear them much. I re-discovered them the other day, and if I could have my way I think I'd quite like to wear them all of the time.
I'm really starting to get into journaling again, as I have more time to spend making playlists and collaging and the like. I've recently made a lot of pages dedicated to Swim Deep. Sorry not sorry.
I am slightly obsessed with Amber's outfit. She looked so awesome with her gorgeous skirt and crop top, and her shoes are to die for. I also wish I had her hair. Mine is so flat and fine, you can't really do that much with it.
We found a brick wall because all bloggers love a brick wall, right?!
The graffiti around brick lane and Shoreditch is insane. So many colours and designs, we were completely spoilt for choice when trying to find a backdrop for photos.

I actually had such a nice day, and I think we actually took some really cute pictures. I've got some photoshoots planned, as if all works out I'm going to try and make my posts on here a bit more creative and artsy, instead of plain photos of me in random clothes. Watch this space, you never know, I might post something good one day hehe. Hope you're all having a great summer!
ellie xo
check out Amber's blog:

don't just dream in your sleep, it's just lazy

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hi guys! I've only got a short post today, but I wanted to show you the photos I have from monday. I took more on my disposable that I haven't got developed yet, but I wanted to post the ones I had as soon as possible.
I was crazy excited about this meetup...I've been reading Maya and Opi's blogs for ages and so to actually get to hang out with them in real life was crazy fun and kind of surreal. We went shopping around brick lane, got smoothies in this super cute cafĂ© and chilled in this little park we found. It was so awesome, especially as other bloggers totally understand my need to photograph everything, and don't find it weird when I ask them to photograph me.
I wore an oversized shirt dress with white beads from rokit, with an old belt of my mum's. I am obsessed with red at the moment, I really need to stop buying red things but it's just such a pretty colour.

I actually had such a nice chilled out day, especially since both girls were so lovely - I can't wait to hopefully see them again soon and meet some more bloggers!
I hope you are all having a good summer...I am currently just trying to get out and do stuff as much as possible. I've kept to that so far, hopefully I can stick it out for the whole six weeks!
ellie xo

hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Happy Saturday! I broke up from school yesterday, and so I am now officially free for the next six weeks. Summer, in my mind at least, means ice cream, fresh fruit smoothies, lazing about in the park, going for aimless walks and expeditions around London and not coming home until late because it literally just doesn't get dark. It's by far my most favourite time of year, and this summer looks like it might actually be one of the best summers I have ever been lucky enough to enjoy.
Since starting this here blog I have become quite friendly with my fellow bloggers and so have planned to meet up with a tonne of gorgeous internet babes over the next few weeks, which for you guys will mean an absolute crapload of photos and posts from me, hopefully featuring some of your favourite bloggers! All I'm saying is, watch this space. This summer, this blog is going to get busy.
These are my disposable photos from my weekend in Brighton. It was the first weekend of our current heatwave, and literally the entire human population seemed to have decided on spending the day at the beach. I love the English seaside...where else is it completely acceptable to wear as little as possible, no matter what you look like?! Also, where else is it almost compulsory to get fish and chips with the little wooden forks, or mr whippy ice cream with strawberry sauce?
Also, on an end note, I got recognised for the first time today! I was summer shopping in Camden, and this girl tapped me on the shoulder and said she recognised me from my blog. It turns out her name was Amber and she was sososo lovely...and she blogs too, over at (her blog is awesome, totally worth a look at) so yeah, Amber if you're reading this hi and stuff :)
I'll be back with a new post (hopefully a shoot with some other bloggers) within the week!
ellie xo

the distant echo of faraway voices boarding faraway trains

Friday, 12 July 2013

Last weekend I went away on a girls weekend to Brighton to celebrate my auntie's birthday, which resulted (as usual) in a trawl through the north laines and all the beautiful vintage and antique stores. I found this shirt and skirt on a £5 rail, and just had to have them both because as you may or may not know I am obsessed with the colour red at the moment. I felt like I should have been wearing them with rollerskates and serving huge milkshakes in an american diner.
What must my neighbours think; they look out of their window only to see a girl spinning around on the spot taking pictures of herself with a tripod. Totally normal.
Petra Collins' Schools Out photo diary for Rookie is just so perfect. I wish we had such a fun last day at my school (also I want a seniors shirt even though I'm not a senior)
Another photograph from Rookie. I love the illustrations, and the girl's dress reminded me a little of my shirt.
This post ended up a lot shorter than I intended, but I'm sure I'll be back with my disposable film from Brighton after the weekend. Also my head should be sorted out by then and I might be able to think straight, instead of fumbling around like a dazed and confused child like I have been the past week. I blame stress and lack of sleep, haha.
Hope you're having a good summer!
ellie xo

dress my friends up just for show, see them as they really are

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

(outfit from a few weeks ago..background collage clockwise from top right: images from Hollie's blog, Flower's blog, Petra Collins, tumblr and Hollie)
It's summer! My exams are over! School is nearly over! And I have a tonne of things to post on this here blog that I haven't had time to post in the last few weeks!
Anyway, I guess I better start with another apology for not posting...exams are stressful but hopefully all the summer blogging I have planned will make up for my recent break. I'm sure lots of you had exams too and so understand my pain. I've got loads of things to fill you all in on, for example a few weekends ago I was (finally) lucky enough to see the David Bowie Is exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum. As a Bowie fan I was completely overwhelmed by all the memorabilia they had on show, while as an art/design student I was fascinated by everything from the layout of the displays to the presentation of his costumes. It wasn't just a tribute to him, but more of an in-depth look into the life of an artist, something worth seeing whether you like his work or not.
(background collage clockwise from top right: tumblr, Flower's blog, Tessa's blog, tumblr, my photography and tumblr.)
(background collage from top right: Sinead's Journal, tumblr)
We had an evening slot and so only got a very short time in the shop before it closed, resulting in me going on a very supermarket sweep-like escapade, trying to get as much merchandise as possible.
My top is from the V&A, my shirt & skirt are from a charity shop, and my jacket is from Beyond Retro.
(background image from tumblr)
( forever one of my no1 style icons)
 (sinead's journal is just so so so pretty gah)
I'm sorry for the short post, but I have a few more planned for this week, as I've got a bunch of film developed & loads of outfits photographed...and I'm going to the ponds with the girls tomorrow which might result in some summery pictures.
ellie xo