(goodbye 2016) (hello 2017)

Friday, 30 December 2016

Ok ok so I said I'd keep this page regularly updated and I will, just university has to take a slightly higher priority with my time at the moment. It's a weird cycle...I've spent so long freelancing and working independently in the hope of it helping me study fashion, and now that I am finally studying fashion I have no time to carry on with my usual work in the industry. It feels like to take a step forwards I've sort of also had to take a step backwards, but I'm sure everything will work out well in the long run.
Finishing my first term of foundation was surreal; my life has changed significantly since the summer, and although I'm probably the happiest I've been, there's always a twinge of sadness at how finite this period of time is...in six months, the academic year will be over and it'll be off to a new course, a new setting, new people...it's strange, knowing that in such a short time I'm going to be looking back at now and thinking, damn, that was a good time.

 It's been quite a big year generally, not just in the sense that 2016 has majorly sucked at points...losing so many icons, my personal hero Bowie being one of the first, hasn't made it easy, especially alongside all the political stress and upheaval taking place across the globe. I don't think I can say, then, that 2016 has been a great year; it's had it's high points though, and I've enjoyed things like attending London Collections Men for the first (two) times, working backstage at London Fashion Week, finishing college and running away to Paris for a weekend, visiting Berlin and Vienna with two amazing friends in the summer, being an assistant stylist for Jessica Gwyneth, and publishing my first independent zine, Bloom. Issue two was supposed to be out already however university has seriously eaten into my time to work on it, however I'm hoping to get it out there as soon as I humanly can.

Uni has been crazy busy; we had our first little interim show which definitely heightened by pre-christmas panic at whether I could actually make anything good or not...I'm learning slowly not to be scared of making, and to just produce work whether it's worth it or not, as everything is a process and is useful in some way, even if it doesn't turn out how you might have planned.

^ Textiles project, 35mm from the show and general fashion room life

^ From a shoot earlier in the year with Ahida Agirre, and a traditional fragile skirt mirror selfie to see 2016 out in a very "me" style

I hope you all have an amazing new year and start to 2017...thanks so much for all the support on this page and my various endeavours over the last year, it's been amazing and I wish you all great success in whatever you are doing! See you next year, dudes...