Innocence is a thing of which we know nothing

Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Monday! I don't like mondays. I don't like mornings, either, according to the badge I wore today. Anyway, I took a few quick pictures after school (sorry about the quality etc,) and thought I'd post them quickly before I forget...
I'm in the middle of that really awkward period before you go on holiday where you can't wear anything that you're taking with you, and so have to make do with weird outfit combinations of all the clothes you don't ever wear, hence this dress. I love the dress, don't get me wrong, and I love a bit of tartan, however it turns out that dresses made out of shirts have a tendency to flap open at the front...not so great in public. I actually quite liked this outfit though, it felt quite slouchy but looked like I'd made a bit of an effort.

Just a quick thankyou to each and every one of you that reads this blog - it feels like yesterday that I was writing weird little posts to no one!
ellie xo

Versatile blogger award!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

guys guys guys I got nominated for something!!
Rosie from Rosie and the Wolf nominated me for a Versatile blogger award, and I'm currently freaking out a little because I've never been nominated for anything before and feelings and argh...and basically I love Rosie she is awesome (and she makes amazing collages & is really good at art!)
Anyway, here's my seven facts:
1) My hair colour is 100% natural, and has never been dyed or changed in any way. It also doesn't actually change colour, it just looks different in different light. (Half the people I know are still confused as to why it looks brown one day and ginger the next)
2) This isn't my first attempt at blogging...I tried to start a blog in year 8 when I was about 13 however I could barely use the internet and had no idea what to write about (I also had no fashion sense) so that blog just kind of sat there for a while. I think it was called orange squash or something...even though I don't drink orange squash.
3) I want this to be a personal style blog, and I intend to make it a good one (I just need to sort my clothes out and take some more pictures that's all) Also I don't dress as nicely for school, because I'm lazy and often wear jeans and jumpers.
4) I have never been to a house party. Ever. I am 15. I am a terrible excuse for a teenager.
5) I sometimes wish I could move schools. I love my friends but sometimes would just love to be able to start afresh somewhere new, where I could totally reinvent myself.
6) I never ever try clothes on. Well, I try on some clothes, but more often than not I just guess and hope they'll fit, which they usually do...then again, I'd probably wear them anyway.
7) I once dislocated my elbow by falling off a sofa. Welcome to my life.
I nominate:
Fifi (sofificated)
The Rules:
Share some facts about yourself
Nominate seven other bloggers, and let them know they’ve been picked
Link back to the blogger that nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post!
Thanks again Rosie! :)
ellie xo

quick quick quick

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I felt I needed to post something. Purely because I feel bad about my lack of photos (I promise I will take more I promise I promise). So here is a quick post...this outfit was from ages ago when it snowed in january or something, however I haven't posted it before and thought may as well share it with the world (I know I look a bit dodgy but hey). It's apparently going to snow again soon, which I am not at all happy about - it's MARCH, people. MARCH. I should be thinking bunnies. And lambs. And flowers. And general easter-y things...not snow.
It's also been super rainy and dark (what a surprise, english weather) which has left me really un-motivated...but I'm trying to keep up with my art and things because I hate leaving coursework until the last minute, even though I seem to do that every time I have a deadline.
I also considered sending a couple of illustrations and things of mine into Rookie for their 'Age of Innocence' theme...I might scan them in tomorrow (I'll post them on here as well don't worry).
( hrsvt, via nastygrrrl)
Just look at that skirt. I love skirts. I should wear them more often, I just find the whole tights-falling-down scenario a bit of a hassle at school.
This just feels kinda relevant.
Found this on tumblr (where I get 99.99% of my inspiration from) and I just love it. Her dress is beautiful...I want this to be me!
Anyway, I will be posting more regularly soon I promise (and my posts will be better/less random/with my own photos) so yes. Thankyou for reading this. (I can't believe how many of you there are...I had no followers a month or so ago! You are all  incredibly awesome ^_^)
ellie xo

When I'm with you I have fun

Saturday, 16 March 2013

(my current spring inspiration...Josephine Skriver by Colin Dodgson for T magazine)
Image heavy post today's rainy and grey and I'm all gross and in my pyjamas so I haven't got any new pictures for you (I am so bad at this, I'm supposed to be posting about my personal style yet I never take any pictures). Anyway, I'm sorting my clothes out for Italy today, which means ordering some new bits & bobs to take with the moment I've got my heart set on these gorgeous cream bowling shoes from Rokit...not sure if I'll get something like them but let's all just acknowledge their beauty for a second:

(aren't they adorable?! check them out here:
They even say 'Lady Rebel' on the side which is just the sweetest and yeah I think I'm a little bit in love to be quite honest.
I have also been sorting through some of the old photos on my hard drive, and found this from my last outfit post:
I don't know what my face is doing but I like the photo quality because it looks kind of disposable-camera-ish.
ALSO (I seem to say also a lot don't I?) I'm planning on re-decorating my room a lil' bit and here's some of my inspiration that I found on tumblr and the like:
(via 10cm2) I want to write angsty hole lyrics on my door but I doubt my dad will let me...
(not sure of original source, I got this from )
I'm still quite new to this whole blog thang and so I promise my posts will start to be a hell of a lot better soon, I am aware my blog at the moment is a little on the what-the-hell-was-she-thinking-when-she-put-those-photos-together side but you know, everything good takes time!
ellie xo

love is meant for beauty queens

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy Wednesday guys! I don't particularly like wednesdays. I mean, it's not the beginning of the week, or the end, just a odd middle day that isn't really anything. (reminds me a little of whereabouts I feel I am in life. Maybe that's why I don't like it)
Anyway, I've had a super lazy day, since I stayed up last night trying on my mum's old clothes and starting my journal (I did it! I finally started one!) and so didn't get time to wash my hair...which resulted in my looking like a trash can in school today. I took some pictures anyway, as I like this shirt I borrowed from my's sleeveless and reminds me of primary school and I can't wait to wear it in summer. I will start taking better pictures soon, I promise. In my defence, it's been snowing again over here...yes, snowing. In MARCH. Some English summer this is going to be.
I literally just scrunched my hair up today, it was that bad this morning...I hate having my hair up usually, as I don't think it suits the shape of my face, but this was an EMERGENCY.

I wore my green turtleneck jumper yesterday and realised just how much it made me feel like Kathy Bates in the film Misery...I love that film. It's basically about an author who gets kidnapped by his 'number one fan'...classic suspense-filled thriller/horror, filmed in that grainy, vintage kind of style...and the costumes! Kathy Bates looks amazing, I think. Her outfits are so vintage and cute and I love them and am starting to want to be her (just without the slight psychotic streak, of course).

Doesn't she look rad? I want to copy her outfits. Also, if you haven't already, you need to watch that film. Its brilliant, one of my favourites.

first page of my new journal...not that great I know, but only my first attempt. You never know, I might get better eventually!
ellie xo
p.s: notice the Janis Ian reference in the title?! She's a fantastic songwriter, check out her song 'at seventeen'. So relevant. Discovered her through one of my favourite blogs psychedelic daisy :)

I was punk, now I'm just stupid

Saturday, 9 March 2013

(my inspiration for the week...I really want a little 60s/70s collared mini dress, I might try and make one...source: pollymagoovintage, via clairebouchgay)
So I went thrifting today...
I'm supposed to be saving up for the holidays but I couldn't help nipping back down to church street (my new fave place in london) and having a little spend-up in their gorgeous little shops! I went back to the record shop I found last weekend, and popped into a couple of other little vintage boutiques on the way, whilst also managing to pick up some flowers for mother's day tomorrow. In my eyes, a shopping success.
(this is my new favourite shop (it's called 'Lucky Seven'..the shop Dirty Blonde next door is pretty rad too)...three rooms filled with all kinds of records, cds, books, dvds, videos, magazines and comics...all at amazing prices (50p records!) I literally want to live there. Or have my own record shop. I can't decide.)
(have my face...I really can't pose for pictures)
(today's buys...a black lace shirt (which you'll see in an outfit post soon), Joan Jett book, the doors 'strange days' cd, pixies cd, donnie darko dvd (£1!) two David Bowie records, Abba singles, Rolling stones, the police, Paul McCartney & Wings...God I just love a record shop. I also got the Elvis record collection for £2.50 which has 50 of his singles on it)
(aren't these just the cutest things in the entire world?! They are little wooden badges I got from a flea market last summer)
Anyway, I will post more outfit photos soon I promise!
ellie xo


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I had a tumblr for aaaaages but got kind of bored with the theme as I felt it wasn't really me anymore, so I made a new one. It's kind of just me reblogging things I like and posting a couple of bits and bobs I either can't fit onto this blog, or any of my arty things (when I get around to doing them). Here's a couple of my favourite photographs from tumblr that I've come across since making my new one (if I've got the source wrong or you want a picture removed just leave a comment or email me).
(source: via honeyuck, via bubblegumpopqueen)

I might do more little posts like this every now and again as they give me a little inspiration and jazz up my blog a little bit. Anyway my new tumblr is (I know, inventive name right?! I'm sorry I will try and be a bit more creative at some point but I thought it'd do just for now)
ellie xo

All the nightmares came today

Monday, 4 March 2013

Happy Monday guys! I had a bit of a lazy day today, as I was super tired after a busy weekend. I went out for pizza with my friends for one of their birthday's on saturday, then stayed the night at hers and ended up watching three films...I don't know how I stayed awake. We also did all the usual kind of sleepover things like eating loads and messing around with facemasks, which was pretty awesome. I like pretending to be 12 again, so much less stressful than house parties and various alcohol-influenced gatherings.
My friend lives near Church Street in London, and on my way to the pizza restaurant we found the most perfect record shop was all vintage-y and cheap and amazing and I had to literally tear myself away from all the vinyls and videos and books and old magazines and blondie posters...but I'm going to go back next saturday and will probably spend all my life savings on secondhand treasure. Be prepared for many photos/posts from then. (I am so excited you do not understand).
Anyway, today I ended up borrowing my dad's calvin klein jumper, which I wore with my old Levi's, mum's brown leather belt. topshop socks (they're black with gold glitter, I just love glitter) creepers, and this cute little silver heart necklace my mum got me when I was little.

This look will be on my lookbook account ( ) please check it out and maybe leave your lookbook links if you have one, so I can see your looks too ^_^ Also, I'm thinking of doing a 'what's in my makeup bag' kind of post tomorrow...what do you think? Good idea?
ellie xo


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hi everyone...I wouldn't usually make a last-minute post like this but this morning I woke up to 100 fans on lookbook and just felt like I needed to say thank you!
I only started posting on there quite recently and can't thank you all enough for giving me such a warm welcome into the online community. I know 100 isn't much compared to the lookbook famous but to me, it's a super big deal...I had zero a couple of weeks ago!
I obviously intend to carry on with my lookbook account, as it really helps with this blog and I do enjoy it...I just hope you guys keep enjoying what I post too :)

My lookbook is if you haven't already seen it...maybe you could leave your lookbook links below if you have one, so that I can check your looks out too?

thanks again, also there will be a shiny new post tomorrow (I'm so sorry I'm not so good with this post everyday kind of life!)
lots of love,

ellie xo