twisting through the fog

Saturday, 23 September 2017

I know I literally just posted but I wanted to share some recent things before I forget and they become irrelevant. I always leave things too long and then when I try to write about them the words don't flow as well, so apologies but hopefully it'll be an interesting read.
This outfit was from last Sunday and a morning spent working for XXY Magazine at fashion week. It was the first time I've done makeup without winged eyeliner in literally years and it was strange but quite a nice change.

As usual, jewellery is from Hirst Antiques. The clothes are a mixture of vintage and the shoes are Demonia. I love how colourful the jacket is but had to make it a little more dark just as otherwise it's too much brightness!

It was also my last day working at Hirst Antiques on Saturday, after nearly three years of dressing up in and selling vintage jewels every weekend. It has been honestly such an amazing job and I don't think I'll ever find anything like it. Above is one of my bosses, Shirley, who founded the shop as an antiques shop back in the 60s, in the cardigan I gave her as a leaving present. I bought the skeleton earrings and a pair of Shirley's handmade huge red clip earrings as keepsakes, although I am sure I'll be back within the week as I cannot get enough of that shop.

Then on Monday was my first day of first year fashion degree. I have studied at Kingston for a year already so it's familiar to me, but obviously degree is a lot more intense and exciting. The first day was mostly talks and information. I then met up with my boy in the evening for food (Wahaca has an entirely vegan menu!) and to see IT in the Imax, which was terrifying but also a really nice way to relax after being nervous meeting new people all day.

Tuesday was another mostly talks and lectures day, we got the brief for our first project, then I stayed with Alexi again and started my work. Wednesday was a day off, which was useful to get started with the sketchbook they wanted us to complete.

Thursday was a nice day looking at the archive of really old clothes we have at Uni for referencing, seeing the workshops, enrolling and then heading to Spitalfield's market for our projects. Which of course meant brick lane bagels.

Friday was hand-in day, so a lot of work to finish before the deadline but I managed it (although I became a glasses-wearing school person in the process). The yellow bracelet and fish earrings I bought whilst at Spitalfield's the day before.
I couldn't help but do a little update just as I know in the future I'll be grateful for documenting it. I hope you are all having a good week!

the answer won't change even if you try

Back again! I started Uni after a crazy long summer and it's really different to how I had expected. It feels a lot more serious than foundation, but I need that and hope to make some good work while I'm there. I also went to fashion week for XXY Magazine, and generally have had a nice week.
These first few photos are from wales again, with my patchwork jacket from Beyond Retro and Underground shoes.

For the first time I wore an entirely handmade outfit to fashion was a good excuse to make a top and a nice chance to remind myself that my making isn't that bad. I also bumped into a friend from foundation, Will, and ended up being photographed for Women's Wear Daily. Working for XXY gives me a completely new experience at the event, allowing me to see more shows and actually have a real purpose of seeing them and a space to share and write about what I see. 

Some 35mm photos from recently, including film evenings, Brighton and a Kate Bush clubnight for Eddie's birthday. I'm going to upload another post now as I have things to share from my first week of Uni, so enjoy!

but I know it's only dust

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I start uni on Monday and it feels super weird that this summer is ending. Half of May, then all of June, July and August and half of September spent in London and a little bit in Wales, just enjoying being free of work and Foundation stress. I kind of forgot that I was starting a new course; I'm staying at the same uni but starting degree and it's going to be weird carrying on there without all of the people I associate with it. Fortunately most are staying in London or at least England, and we also have an art collective, De Wallen, which will definitely keep me in touch with my foundation friends.

I felt like sharing a lil summary / timeline of Foundation just as I haven't really accepted that it's over! And it really was so damn good.  

From the start through rotation to my first fashion project ^

Drawing trip, halloween and my birthday ^


Japan and the Easter holidays ^

Final show and final major project ^

I think the intensity of knowing it only lasted a year almost made the course better as you knew you had to enjoy it while it lasted. I feel a bit underwhelmed at the thought of degree as I can't imagine it really matching up but I'm hoping to be proven wrong.


I also have some new work up on De Wallen Collective - "work on the theme of memory, exploring the way we build layers and layers of experience and memories over time, often attaching them to certain places or objects. Collage on card and photo transfer and embroidery on a bed sheet and a shirt."
Have a good week!