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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

About a week ago I was invited to the Beyond Retro Christmas Press Day just along from their (amazing) Dalston store. I had had a pretty hectic day, borrowing jewellery from my favourite Hirst Antiques for London Fashion Week in the morning, travelling across to the other side of London for the event, then back home to manically prepare for starting sixth form the next day (which was nowhere near as stressful as I had thought it was going to be). I like busy days though, and it gave me the opportunity to wear my favourite colour yellow, so I was more than content.

I wore my favourite £5 yellow jumper that I found in a sort of half garage/half shop in Hastings, with my new favourite jeans from Pop Boutique, shirt also from Pop Boutique and shoes from Office.

I have to admit, when I first realised it was a Christmas press day I was a little confused...I mean, it's about three months or so away, so it felt a little early to be getting the novelty sweaters out! However, once inside the room, lit up by flashing christmas lights draped through a huge knitted jumper and with walls lined with wrapping paper, I realised just how much of a good idea it was - and just how excited I am for Christmas (once again!) Why should we let all the festivities wait until december, when there are important decisions to be made as to which crazy Christmas jumper you are going to wear for the big day itself? Also, Beyond Retro are collaborating with Save the Children, and trying to raise money for the charity by selling at least 10,000 novelty sweaters, with a pound from each one going straight to the children who need it most (meaning that if all goes to plan, Beyond Retro will donate £10,000!) I think this is obviously one of the best reasons to get yourself in the festive mood, especially as National Christmas Jumper Day is coming up on Friday 12th December, with all the proceeds of the day going to Save the Children (you can find out more and sign up here).

I had a lovely afternoon with all my favourite Beyond Retro ladies, had my first ever Babycham (which was actually really nice...I felt very 50s), got to choose the craziest Christmas cat jumper (which will be making many appearances this winter, I'm sure) and fell completely in love with the current 'Urban 60s' trend Beyond Retro are working on this season. Basically, there are lots of gorgeous jackets and super cute mini skirts (like the one above). I would quite like to wear it all at once!
Anyway, I hope you are having a good week - there are going to be a lot of updates on this page over the weekend as I will be posting almost daily for London Fashion Week, and so will get back to a more structured routine once everything has all settled down again!


  1. So strange to think about Christmas now as it's suddenly got so warm again. However, I'm looking forward to it too!! Those jumpers all look brilliant and the one you chose sounds marvellous, can't wait to see it. X

  2. those trousers are gorgeous and omg that Christmas themed party looks totally amazing! I loved all the gift wrapping on the walls <3


  3. I love the trousers you're wearing here, they're lovely! Also that jumper!! It seems like you had a great day, I'm feeling all festive after looking at those photos.

    Joanne | www.fashion-oh.blogspot.com

  4. I adore that outfit! Loving the vintage

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  5. Your outfit is perfect like always! Oh.. and you just made me realize that my favorite holiday is in 3 months omg thank you <3 xx

  6. I'm really excited for christmas now! lovely post :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Absolutely adore the trousers. You look stunning as always x


  8. your style is amazing. it's crazy thinking about christmas already!

    cat // je suis cat x

  9. Love nothing more than having a rake through a few vintage shops, really nice outfit!


  10. I LOVE your little bluebird brooch! I can never find nice brooches, all the ones at my local market are really granny-ish :) Where did you find yours?
    And I am totally getting excited for Christmas already! :) xx

  11. Awh you looked CLASS ! :) Your jumper looks so comfy and warm. It feels weird thinking about Christmas espesh when we are currently having such good weather ahaha :) x

    Caitriona Tighe


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