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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hello folks...I have a real quick outfit post for you today. I have had four breakdowns over my art exam so far this week, including crying to my art teacher because 'I have no idea what I'm doing.' It's my own fault...I have a habit of not letting people help me, even when I really need it..resulting in many last-minute panics such as this one. At least it's only gcse, hopefully I will manage to organise my messy brain by the time A levels roll around.

I wore this outfit to have breakfast at Kenwood...we went for a morning walk and had hot chocolate and food in the cute little kitchen/cafe. I also noticed they do a nice vegetarian full english breakfast, which I will have to try some time...I'm not even vegetarian, I just seem to eat meat-free food a lot. I'd love to be vegetarian or vegan purely for the moral aspect of the decision, however it's not really practical whilst living at home to demand separate meals to my parents. One day I'll try it, though.

Jacket: Kilo Sale // Jumper: Brighton // Skirt: Beyond Retro // Tights: H&M // Socks: Topshop // Shoes: Rokit

Hope you're having a good week, I'll be back with a longer post soon!

ellie xo

you're about as fatale as an after-dinner mint

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hello again! I had to take a break from maths revision earlier and so escaped to Hampstead for a little trip to pick up some bits and bobs for my art exam on Friday. I love nipping out for afternoon walks around in autumn, especially if I can get a nice hot drink somewhere too. It was also an excuse to wear my faux fur coat again, which I am still 100% in love with. I pretend I'm margot tenenbaum, even though it's a different colour to hers. I spend quite a lot of my time pretending I'm in a Wes Anderson movie anyway so it doesn't really make that much of a change. 

Coat: market in Oxford // Shirt, Shorts and Shoes: Rokit // Tights: H&M // Socks: Topshop

There was a gorgeous antique stall set up in Flask Walk, and I ended up spending ages looking at all the cute patterned plates and china. I kind of wanted to buy it all but then I realised I don't have my own house, so buying plates isn't really necessary since we already have loads (just wait until I move out heh). I love antiques so much as I always wonder who owned each item and what they were like. We stopped by the heath on our way back and took a few more quick photos as I kind of matched the colours of the leaves and trees. I am obsessed with wearing greens and browns at the's like an addiction. Seriously.

On a completely separate note, I watched the 1972 film Cabaret last night. I went to see the play in Oxford a few weekends ago, and was enthralled by the symbolism and poignancy behind it's burlesque, over-sexualised imagery. It is a fantastically accurate film when it comes to what was going on in pre-second world war Berlin, and really gave you a new perspective on the situation at the time, as you rarely hear of Hitler's clamp down on artistic forms such as Cabaret. The film was directed by Bob Fosse, whose choreography I absolutely adore, and stars Liza Minnelli as leading lady Sally Bowles. The costumes were amazing too. It's a great musical with some great songs and obviously great dance routines, but it's the relevance behind its satire that really makes it such an amazing piece of artwork. It also features the title of this post, which I have decided is the best insult ever. Definitely worth a watch.

I hope you all have a good week...I've got one more exam and then I should be back to posting a little less erratically (we can only hope). I'm also going to Clothes Show Live again this year, so there should be a good few posts coming up in the future. I'm also going to start getting things together for my 400 follower GIVEAWAY that's going to be happening soon!

ellie xo

one year

Friday, 22 November 2013

Hi again guys. This post isn't going to be as organised as usual as I have quite a lot to say and not very many photographs to go with I apologise for the slightly untidy edge but I'm sure you all understand. I've had exams all week (ugh) and haven't had time to blog at all, but today is this blog's first birthday and I felt like it was too important a date to miss posting something, even if it is a little disjointed.
On November 22nd 2012 I posted my first little thing on this page, with absolutely no idea what it would mean to me in the long run. I started blogging purely because I was unhappy and fed up and I wanted to DO something...and for some reason posting odd pictures of myself on a web page seemed like the right thing to 'DO'. I was of course really into fashion and art and creativity in general, but had not until that point found a means through which I could express myself properly. Blogging became a sort of hobby, and before long I had found other teens with similar interests doing the same thing, who in turn led me to discover Rookie, which has changed me significantly as a person and opened my eyes up to a whole bundle of things from artists, literature, feminism...and of course photography and a love of clothes. It wasn't until about February 2013 that my blog began to get any following whatsoever, and even then I still had no idea of what things it could lead me to in the future. I'm still surprised that people actually read what I write...and obviously I am really grateful to any of you that take the time to follow me and comment and give me feedback.
Through this blog I have met so many talented and awesome people, and have been given such fantastic opportunities, and I'm aware that this sounds really gushing and cliché but I couldn't let my first blogiversary (still can't spell it) go by without being a little bit annoying and dramatic. I intend to keep running this page for the foreseeable future, and can't wait to see what else I can get away with doing with the excuse 'it's for my blog.' (seriously, though - I've even sweet-talked my parents into taking me out for lunch once purely to take photos for this page)
Anyway, I've just realised in an entire year I've never actually posted much of my artwork...which isn't that great but I haven't had time to take any outfit photos and so thought that hopefully these will do instead.

(apples from an old sketchbook)

(unfinished schoolwork on Paul Klee)

(copy of Paul Klee's 'Christian Sectarian' and a response self portrait)

(schoolwork on Sarah Beetson)

(Sarah Beetson)

(Schoolwork on Mira Schendel)

(photographs of my chalk pastel drawings inspired by Paula Rego)

So yeah...that's pretty much all I have for you today, but I will take some actual pictures this weekend and make it up to you all (also I'm planning a giveaway soon so watch out)
love and hugs

ellie xo

how can you say I go about things the wrong way

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hello folks. I have fully accepted that summer is no longer with us, and have decided to embrace autumn instead of refuse to believe it's here again already. I had a pretty amazing summer, and have actually had a great start to this academic year, so instead of rekindling last autumn's doom-and-gloom mentality I have decided to really get into the spirit of fall and enjoy it while it lasts. Autumn used to be my absolute favourite season, and I'm starting to remember why...the crisp mornings, colourful leaves, hot chocolates and cinnamon tea...what could possibly be more cosy and comforting? 
My mock exams begin tomorrow (help me) and so I've spent the majority of this weekend holed up in my house, desperately trying to teach myself the difference between the intermolecular forces in a giant ionic structure and a giant covalent structure (I suck at chemistry). I did, however, go on a spontaneous outing to homebase on saturday evening to buy a frame for my art coursework...and somehow also ended up with a 99p houseplant and an orange orla kiely lookalike tray. Right.
I made a break for it today by going out on a morning walk across the heath, which was heavenly as I love being outside and it was a reason to dress up in autumnal colours and wear my new coat, which is the warmest thing and makes me feel like a bear. It's fake fur guys, don't worry I made 100% sure.

 Coat-Vintage market in Oxford // Shirt- Absolute vintage in Brick lane // Skirt - Vintage market in Oxford // Socks - Topshop // Boots - Rokit 

I'm really fascinated by nature at the moment - for some reason, natural textures, patterns and colours are really appealing to me. I kind of regret starting my art project on pop art / illustration, as I think I could actually have produced much better work on the theme of nature. I'm probably just going to work on it independently and use it in my portfolio for college...something I really should begin making, considering college interviews are coming up in the next few months.

We took a quick stop in the cutest little cafe, and I had the most amazing hot chocolate in the entire world...also my first since like, January. It's been too long.

(new plant, Opium perfume which feels autumnal for some reason)

(new plant, memory palace exhibition book, reindeer antler from lapland (they shed them don't worry, I haven't massacred any animals), owlet apple juice bottle)

(above previous: Tracy Emin photo album, Rookie yearbook 2)

So that's my little update out of the way...I hope you all understand if I don't post as frequently this week as my exams might take up a lot of my time, but I'll try and keep this blog as up to date as possible as and when I can.
Also, I have two very exciting things coming very first blogiversary (I have no idea how you spell that) is coming up on the 22nd of November, which is the anniversary of my very first post. Crazy how much can change in just one year. I'm also coming up to 400 followers (which is incredible and I love each and every one of you) and so to celebrate them both am planning a fantastic GIVEAWAY! I did one when I hit 100 followers, and so thought it might be nice to do it again.
love and hugs

ellie xo