Embedded spies brainwashing our children to be mean

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hi guys. Just got a quick post today, as I'm supposed to be revising for my maths exam/finishing my art coursework/doing other things in general. And I'm meeting up with some very awesome humans on thursday and so will completely photo spam you all after that.
If you follow my twitter (http://twitter.com/elliecp) or have added me on facebook or the like, you'll probably be aware that I went to see Muse on Sunday evening, which was INCREDIBLE. Like seriously. They played such an amazing set and I went slightly mental and completely broke my vocal chords screaming along to Plug in Baby and the like.
My Nan used to knit basically all of my clothes, and my mum has kept a tonne of her creations in a box under her bed because we can't bear to throw them out. I found this red jumper in there whilst trying to find some pastel-ish pieces for my art project, and I've decided that I can still pull it off (even though it doesn't go past my elbows and ends above my belly button.) The donkey pin is a present from my mum, from Hirst Antiques on Portobello Road.

(Clockwise from top left: Bowie as halloween jack, tumblr. Meadham Kirchhoff, Spring 2013 RTW, style.com. Betsey Johnson, Spring 2013 RTW, style.com. Bowie as halloween jack, tumblr.)
(clockwise from top left: Twiggy, tumblr. Bowie, tumblr. Top from http://instagram.com/#thevintagewardrobe. Photo from tumblr)
So yes, sorry for the short kind of odd post, will be back with something a little more exciting within the week hopefully ^_^
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Unleashing scent of wild Jasmine

Saturday, 25 May 2013


Hi guys. For some reason it feels like I haven't posted in forever...which is sort of true, as instead of blog I've had to spend this week panic-revising for end of year tests and exams that I had long purposely forgotten about. Anyway, I'm back now (and on half term break eep!) and so after a nice morning taking photographs for my current art project and eating bread rolls with peanut butter, I decided to show you guys some of the things I've been up to.
I'm doing some work on portraits for art, and decided to try and take some Petra Collins-esque photos to work from, and while trying to get some outfits together I found this gorgeous dress in my dressing up box from when I was little. It was my mum's bridesmaid dress from the 70s, and it is absolutely amazing and frilly and pink and just completely perfect. It does have a little stain on the front though, which will explain why I'm holding flowers/an Agatha Christie novel in most pictures.
I felt so floaty and very virgin-suicides-like...despite the length and the hot pink colour, the feel of it made me think of Cecilia in her old wedding dress.
(This Rookie shoot was my no1 inspiration)
(vintage prom dress from Etsy, found through tumblr)
(The dress reminded me of this photo so much)
(This book & movie really fitted the vibes I'm feeling at the moment)
(vintage prom dresses are just amazing)
I took a whole bunch of photos this morning, so I'll be able to show them to you guys over the following week, along with some awesome pictures I intend to take over the half term (I'm meeting up with a couple of gorgeous blogging guurls, so expect some picture spamming).
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I didn't mean to take up all your sweet time

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hello again. I guess I should start this post by saying I am sososo sorry and I don't have any new outfit posts just yet, for various reasons such as the weather, the ridiculous amount of exams I've had this week, my lack of motivation to do anything but drink tea in my pyjamas all day...the list goes on. But technically that isn't all bad news as it means I can do a spring/summer inspiration post and show you guys a couple of old pictures I haven't posted yet.
The picture above was taken in the apartment we stayed at in Florence. I'm wearing this super cute and kind of mental cropped denim jacket, which has multicoloured beads and patches sewn all over it. I'm sure you'll see it in an outfit post soon.
The picture below was taken on my disposable in Lake Como (Italy) and I just felt like it fit with this post, mainly because of the flowers (I'm obsessed with flowers, it's starting to get out of hand).
I apologise for the awful trying-to-look-casual posing, but a LILAC BIKE HOW CUTE
Also yes I am wearing gold tights. Judge me.
Sorry again about the messy post, will be back with proper photos within the week I promise.
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Head down to toes a reaction to you

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hello again. I realised the other day I have no idea how to address you guys. Every time I start a post, I seem panic and put 'happy tuesday!' or whatever day it is. I'm sure this is going to start sounding incredibly annoying over time, but you know, oh well...maybe I'll get better at introductions by then, too.
I sent Dani's giveaway prizes yesterday (so proud I actually remembered, I can be so forgetful sometimes) and am going to write and send some letters to the runners up this week. I guess it's good practice for when I finish the zine I'm making, which I intend to swap and distribute to whoever wants it. That is, if I get around to finishing the illustrations (don't worry, I'm working on it!)
I've been after a leopard coat for as long as I can remember, but have never been able to find one that didn't come down to my ankles (I'm incredibly short in real life, you'd be surprised). Then I was innocently shopping in Beyond Retro in Brighton and bam, I found this beauty. I had to take the shoulder pads out and it still looks a little puffy around the arms at times, but it's such a perfect length and it's so warm and I am so happy with it. The shirt and dungarees are also from Beyond Retro, while the shoes are from the huge vintage emporium in Brighton which I don't actually know the name of.
I always look either really tired or really pissed off in pictures. Its weird.
(rings: camden market, mum's, bracelets: old & diy, badge: Brighton)
I love flowers so much at the moment. I picked this one for these photos and then pressed it, and I'm going to use it when I make a new cover for my copy of The Virgin Suicides. I'm also feeling really hippy vibes, as I've been watching loads of documentaries on the 60's and hippy communes and families, and recently I've just wanted to wear loose patterned flares and crop tops and play guitar outside barefoot with fresh flowers plaited into my hair. I would totally go and do that right now, but its kind of completely raining outside. Stupid English weather.
I found Carme and Millie via tumblr (Carme's: http://jonathanrichman.tumblr.com/ Millie's: http://swaglomagellan.tumblr.com/ ) and am totally in love with their style. It's cool enough to have a twin in the first place, let alone have a twin and both look like Rookie models seemingly 24/7?! I don't know how they do it, man. So inspiring.
The colours in the illustration below are insane, I'm totally feeling some psychedelic vibes at the moment.
(Just look at his dreads. I mean seriously, that is what you call awesome.)
(I just love this film, and this screenshot is just the best part)
Here's a couple more pages from my journal:
(collage with lyrics from 'Big City Dreams' by Christofer Drew/NeverShoutNever, and 'Pressure' by Paramore)
(a page dedicated to the queen herself, Hayley Williams, with the lyrics from the song 'We are Broken' by Paramore)
(unfinished 70's The Doors poster illustrated by me. Just got to add colour)
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