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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hi guys! It seems like forever since I actually got to sit and write out a proper post for you all...this summer has been so busy, but I'm all yours now for the foreseeable future so you never know, my punctuality might improve (I can dream right?) Anyway, after an incredibly hectic three weeks, my family and I went off to our annual summer holiday to south-west france for two weeks. For some unknown reason, this year was the first year I've ever actually needed a holiday...before, I've always just happily plodded along enjoying the sunshine, but this time I really had to just take my makeup off, slap on some sunscreen (factor 50 obviously...being a redhead and all) grab a book and just sit doing nothing. I've never enjoyed doing nothing before, but sitting in 30 degrees by the pool drinking sugar-free peach ice tea with a gorgeous view of the sunflower fields I felt happier and more content than I have done in years. Sometimes you really just need a break.
There is a monthly Saturday morning antique fair in the town near the house we were staying in, and so obviously I spent the whole morning trawling through all the gorgeous bric-a-brac and taking pictures of my favourite stalls and displays. Everything was so beautiful, and pretty much all in exquisite condition. Among lopsided baby dolls, fading comic books, ice skates and more I found probably the best thing I have ever come across in a market: a white porcelain jar about half a hand in height, with pale pink and green painted flowers decorating the front, where in black paint it said quite clearly 'Cocaine.' A cocaine jar. How fantastic is that?! You never find things like that in England. And before you get the wrong idea, I don't have an obsession with drug memorabilia or anything, I just love things like that that are so pretty and then have something not traditionally 'pretty' like cocaine written across the front. That and the fact it would make a fantastic pot to put sherbet or tic tacs in...just to scare the parents, you know the deal.
I spent basically my entire holiday in these short dungarees from Beyond Retro, which I cut into a dress shortly before I left. They are the comfiest things and so easy to wear as there is literally nothing they won't go over. My top is from the east end thrift store, and so ended up costing me less than a pound. Score.
In other news, I read five books whilst I was away: Other Voices Other Rooms, Lolita, A Clockwork Orange, The Catcher in the Rye and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. All five were fantastic (Lolita and OFOTCN especially) and reading that many was definitely an achievement for me (I used to read about three books per day but recently have barely managed to concentrate on one paragraph, let alone a whole novel) I'm gradually becoming a bookworm again and I love it.

On a bit of a sidenote, I was wondering if I could ask your opinions on what I should do for my etsy. I've been wanted to set one up for ages just to sell some of my clothes and little crafty things, however I haven't decided on what to make. I can do hand-painted or illustrated prints and postcards, photograph postcards/prints (my own photography), flower crowns or quirky pins and badges...what sort of things out of that list would you prefer me to sell? Or do you have any other suggestions?
ellie xo
REALLY COOL NOTE - One of my favourite vintage stores Beyond Retro asked me to do a summer edit for their website, and it is up on their blog now. I would totally love if you could check it out - I really enjoyed putting it together and their clothes are amazing (and really well-priced). Thanks!

I'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart

Thursday, 15 August 2013

I have had the craziest few weeks...I've done so much that all the days have sort of muddled in my head, leaving me incredibly confused as to what I am doing and what I've done and what day it is (seriously, I have no idea). Anyway, on Wednesday I met up with some of my favourite (and the coolest) blogging girls in Brick Lane. I met up with Ophelia, Hollie, Ibe and Rachel, and not only did they all look so amazing but they were all so lovely...we had such an amazing day and I can't wait to hang out again.
We obviously went to all our usual haunts, and got photographed for Rokit's blog (check out their website, it's been completely re-done and is really awesome now). We then strolled down to vintage basement (pictured above and below) and was just browsing when we bumped into Zachary Robinson from swim deep and his fiancée Esther! It was so surreal as I went to the band's album launch party the night before in rough trade, and so to see Zach twice in two days was so unlikely and just, well, perfect. He was so sweet and we had a little chat about the gig and took some photos, and he really didn't seem to mind our creepiness, which was a godsend as we were all kind of freaking out a bit.
We had a slight freak out after Zach left, and the shop owner asked me if I was ok because I may or may not have been trying to recover by lying on the floor. We then went and got bagels and ate them outside the tube station, before going to the east end thrift store in whitechapel. I got a £10 bag which I filled with loads of cute things, so expect to see them in future posts.
On a completely different note, I saw swim deep on Tuesday! Me and my friend Anushka got up at like 5.30am on Monday to get wristbands that let you in to the launch party, and on Tuesday evening we went down to rough trade to see them. We managed to bag a spot right at the side of the stage, and so had a fantastic time within touching distance of the band. They played a really good set and signed our records, and are just the nicest guys ever and you should totally buy their album (it's really trippy and summery and chilled out). Seeing Zach the day after just made it even better, and he seemed appreciative of my early morning mission to see them play.
So that's a little snippet of what I've been up to; I hope you are all having a fantastic summer and eating lots of ice cream ^_^
ellie xo
NOTE: I am away on holiday at the moment and might not have a reliable internet connection, so I will reply to all emails, comments etc when I get home.

Bury me, marry me to the sky

Friday, 9 August 2013

On Thursday I went to the park with my friend Anushka, which basically meant trawling slowly through the cute streets nearby and taking ages taking photos of flowers in random front gardens, before spending too long in the children's play park and throwing plastic gemstones about (I felt they were necessary). I live in a really nice, quiet part of London, and so in summer it is so lovely as you can sort of pretend that you're in the country, or some cute little suburban village somewhere instead of the city.
I seem to have entirely forgotten the concept of trying to look normal (or at least human) in pictures. Anyway, I wore my levi shorts with the floral top I got from Hollie's etsy, with some white beads and my glasses from Camden. I don't wear my glasses enough, but after going to the national gallery and realising I could barely see the paintings I've decided I really have to start wearing them more often.

Apologies for the short post, but I'm in france on holiday at the moment and so wanted to schedule a few to post while I'm gone. I'm going to be taking loads of photos while I'm away and should have lots to post when I get home.
ellie xo