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Thursday, 20 June 2013

(old topshop advert//marc jacobs advert//business card from CSM - playlist by me)
I guess I should begin this post with an apology...I can't believe it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted. Mock exams have got the better of me recently, and I haven't made anywhere near enough time to do creative things, hence my lack of photos and posts. I can't thank you all enough for being patient and still looking at and following this blog despite my little unplanned break, and I promise I'll make it up to you with a load of cool posts coming your way in the next couple of weeks.
I've had a crazy time recently, beginning with seeing To Kill A Mockingbird with two of my friends at the Regent's park open air theatre. I'm studying the book for english, and it's one of my favourites, and the play completely did it justice. I really recommend trying to get tickets; the acting is incredible, especially from the actor playing Tom Robinson, who is just amazing and almost reduced me to tears on several occasions.
I then went to see the degree shows at Central Saint Martins yesterday with my textiles class, which was just wow on so many levels. The designs were incredible, and it was so good to be able to see the student's sketchbooks and designs alongside their finished pieces. It's open to the public for the next week or so I think, and is really worth a look if you are interested in studying product, ceremic, jewellery, textile or fashion design at college or university.
 (new pastel shirt from beyond retro)
(new £4 charity shop skirt, trimming, journal page with things from Hollie, postcards from CSM)

(business cards from CSM, jolene magazine advert)
I discovered Jolene Magazine whilst at CSM, and from what I can find out it is a new magazine, but it is just so awesome and rookie-esque I just had to share it with you guys. The website is and has playlists, fashion shoots, style icons and tips which are featured in the magazine, and it's extremely aesthetically pleasing and I have definitely found my newest obsession.

 (CSM business cards)
(Petra Collins: The Female Gaze)
(unknown: tumblr)
(CSM business cards)
I have a bedroom tour ready to upload within the next few days, and I'm going to take lots of outfit pictures this weekend as I'm going to the Bowie exhibition (!!!!!) at the V&A. Hope you are all having a good week!
ellie xo
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Dancing with tears in my eyes

Friday, 7 June 2013

Happy Friday guys! Another week down. I am so ready for the summer holidays...six weeks with no exams, no early mornings, no stress...why can't it be summer already?!
Anyway, we had a one-off day of sun yesterday, and after my textiles class and my routine frozen yoghurt (they do cupcake flavour. CUPCAKE.) I arrived home to find the most amazing box of goodies from the lovely Hollie from For The Quaint Hearted. She got me the most beautiful collection of things, with stickers, temporary tattoos (!) and a dip dab, which did you know is like one of my favourite things?!

I absolutely adore Hollie's blog, and through reading it found her Etsy, Wayward Wallflower. She sells the cutest patches, super cool teen witch t-shirts, and a selection of vintage clothes. Also, her fashion sense is absolutely amazing, and I will forever be jealous of her ability to look awesome in pretty retro dresses and skirt suits.
I wore the shirt I got from Hollie's Etsy today, with my mum's old cardigan from when she was a teenager. I felt so summery and flowery and cute...and I don't even care how weird this sounds, but Hollie, whatever you washed that shirt in, it smells AMAZING.
New bracelets and daisy earrings from Radical Girls on Etsy.

I apologise for the incredibly short post, but I haven't had a chance to take some nice outfit pictures for you guys just yet. However, I'm certain I'll take some this weekend, as I'm going to see the play of To Kill a Mockingbird with some friends, and then nipping out to camden to start my in-return care package for Hollie ^_^
ellie xo
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Television dreams of tomorrow

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hello again. I have had literally the craziest week, and am finally sitting in front of my laptop and able to show you what I've been up to. This week has been half term, and so I've been off from school (yay). I spent the first few days in my pyjamas, desperately trying to finish some long overdue artwork and various other schoolwork I have been meaning to do for about three years. On wednesday I met up with my school friends and went to Camden, where we took a few pictures and I did a little shopping (mainly american sweets from cyber candy...come on, where else can you get strawberry freddo frogs?!) Then on thursday, I met up with the amazingly dressed and super cool Sinead of Peppermint Whiskers. We looked pretty rad in our flower crowns, and as you can imagine attracted a few slightly confused looks from the less interestingly dressed people of Brick Lane.

Sinead is really awesome and so lovely, and as you can tell from these pictures her fashion sense is A*. If you aren't following her blog you are seriously missing out.
We thought we'd broken the rough trade photobooth because our picture wouldn't print, but it turned out it was just stuck on the way down. Also notice how I hadn't read the instructions and so was reading them in the first photo. oops.

Beyond Retro photobooth...hell yeah
Picking out next seasons trends. Don't lie, you want that shirt.
I seem to have a problem with smiling and so end up grimacing in 99% of photos. The sofa is super cute though. (this & above photo taken by Sinead)
Presents from Sinead...we did a little in-person gift swap, and I got the cutest handmade collar, earrings and hairclips (will be in my next outfit post) a little heart cushion, CD & handwritten lyrics and a gorgeous illustration to name but a few of the lovely things she got me. It felt like christmas!
I ordered two little pins from the Etsy shop hoodratroughdiamond, and they came really quick and in the cutest envelope. I suggest you check the shop out!
Arrived home last night to a lovely letter from my new penpal Maija of The Sequined World. She is so lovely and wrote me the sweetest letter, and sent me a cute little hairclip and some bindis, both of which I am in love with and I'm sure will be seen lots in future posts.
second photo featuring lyrics by Sinead, pink bow and bindis from Maija, Green Day tickets, red clip, hair bow, cushion, card, feather, candles and balloon from Sinead.
Maija also sent me a Zine that bloggers from Galway publish every few months. It is so awesome and like a little magazine full of amazing fashion and photos...I absolutely love it, so much inspiration!

On Friday I went to my cousin's wedding, which was such a lovely day and went so well. The bride looked absolutely stunning in a 50s-ish white dress with a red netting underskirt, and they even had a pork pie wedding cake (pictured above). I also love the second picture of me and my cousin's girlfriend Dru, who is awesome and looked like a prom queen.
They had a little photobooth in the corner of the venue of the wedding reception, and so I ended up with these pictures which I love. I had an awesome evening, the highlight being dancing to Modern Love with the best man, fondly nicknamed auntie Jamie.
On saturday I saw Green Day at the Emirates Stadium...they were absolutely incredible, and let's just say I danced way too much and definitely should have gone to bed earlier, as today I woke up at half past two in the afternoon. So worth it for such a crazy week.
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ellie xo
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