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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

As always, half term is never long enough - I've had almost half of my week off already and the time is definitely slipping by too quickly. I have got a nice week lined up though - I spent the weekend away in Norfolk with my family, am working / seeing friends this week, and then it's Halloween and my birthday this weekend coming. It's really surreal to think that I'm almost 18 - I'm not quite ready for the transition into actually being responsible for things but I guess there's no time like the present. Anyway here are a few photos from my weekend in Norfolk - my parents surprised me with the little holiday, and we stayed in a sweet barn near Sheringham. My hasty packing the night we left meant I ended up wearing a odd mix of patterns every day simply because I'd just grabbed random clothes from my room and not planned rational outfits.

I ordered this bralet from Depop and it is genuinely one of the best things I've ever bought - so cute and the pattern is everything I could want in a pattern. I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to wear it over a leopard print top (from Beyond Retro) but I actually really like the combination. I wore them with a blazer from a kilo sale a few years ago, Rokit jeans that I spontaneously cropped during a random 2am burst of creativity, Primark socks and my favourite Monki shoes. The lizard brooch was my mum's when she was a teenager, the pencil brooch was from an antique market in Paris and the necklace was from a kilo sale.

The spiral ring was also from Paris - since working at Hirst Antiques I have really become a bit obsessed with collecting jewellery...once you start, it really is addictive.
We went to Cromer on the first day and it was a really pretty seaside town - we ate lunch on the Pier and my cousins spent ages in the amusement arcades (which are so comforting and nostalgic and remind me of being a little kid again).

On the second day I wore a patterned Beyond Retro shirt with shorts from Clothes Show a few years ago, socks from Topshop and Dr Martens shoes. I never used to wear low necked tops as I don't think they suit me but recently I've realised I can solve this problem by wearing lots of jewellery and necklaces. We went for a walk around Sheringham and I found so many amazingly cheap charity shops.

On the third day I wore a glittery Beyond Retro shirt under a jumper I bought in a charity shop in Sheringham the day before, Urban Outfitters shorts and Dr Martens shoes. The gold necklace was from the same charity shop and the earrings are my crescent moon earrings I bought in Barcelona.

We spent the last day in Holt, a really beautiful town, and I browsed in pretty vintage shops and had my first gingerbread coffee of the season. It was a lovely weekend and really got me in the mood for Autumn. I hope you all have a lovely week!


  1. I love the coat you're wearing in the first few images! There's the beauty of kilo sales and charity shops, eh? I also love the way that you paired the stripey jumper with the necklace. Ahhhh jewelry goals forever and always...


  2. You rock clashing patterns so well ! I'm also very jealous of your floral doc martens, they're so funky ! Hope you had a lovely time in Norfolk, I love little seaside towns.

  3. love your print mixing and layers upon layers at Norfolk xx


  4. I love the way you put together outfits and these unsurprisingly are gorgeous as always! x

  5. Love love love the socks and shoes and accessory pairings!


  6. All your jewellery and pins are so sweet Ellie! I love the moon earrings especially <3


  7. Love those little pins in the first photographs, so cool!

    xx Alyssa

  8. your last outfit is my fav!
    Jade x

  9. You look so stunning in all of these outfits!! I've been looking forward your autumn- outfits the whole year because autumn is my fav season and I love to get inspired by your unique style!


  10. How do you wear so many patterns but look so put together and flawless! You look amazing as always, and it sounds like you had a great time. I bet you're excited to turn 18 ( even though there is the added responsibility that goes with it).
    Have a good week,
    Bethany xx


  11. I love your look !
    Kisses from a french girl who love your style
    à bientôt,
    Mélanie de la friperie en ligne Capharnaüm
    et du journal Capharnaüm


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