I wish I had a better excuse

Sunday, 27 August 2017

A few weird weeks have passed but a little holiday in Wales really revived me, and I'm feeling much more back to my usual self. It was weird not feeling up to going out and being busy, considering that's something that takes up so much of my time usually. 
I start university properly in a few weeks, which is quite daunting but exciting. A lot is changing, I'm sadly leaving my Saturday job of almost three years, and going to dedicate my time to my degree which is going to be a real culture shock compared to foundation, which was largely about the social side as well as the work. These next few weeks of summer are going to be the last of this type for a while, and I intend to make the most of them.

These photos were taken after work one Saturday. I really enjoy being able to dress up for work, and the fact I get to work with something I love (jewellery, if you didn't already know). The long silk slip worn underneath is an old one from my mum, and the two shirts layered are from 'Cool as Kim Deal' on Depop. My creepers are from Underground.

I enjoy the sun even though I dress like some sort of gothic grandma clown nowadays. My style has definitely shifted since this blog began...I think I'm less scared to wear what I want now even if it's different to my usual look. I doubt I'm going to get bored of dressing up anytime soon.

Also...I'm doing art again! Every 3 weeks new work of mine will be posted on De Wallen Collective, an art collective formed by some of my closest friends at foundation (and some seriously talented people). You can see all our work here, and specifically my pieces here. 
Hope you have a lovely week!


  1. I am in LOVE with your eyeliner in these pictures! Good luck with starting uni, I'm about to start next week so I definitely understand how you're feeling. <3

    New England Gothic

    1. thanks so much!!! and good luck, certain you'll love it !

  2. You look gorgeous, I love your make up (:

    CM | XIII.

  3. Love these photos Ellie! You're eyeliner is phenomenal <3


  4. Your make up stole my heart! :) I love your blog!


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