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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I start uni on Monday and it feels super weird that this summer is ending. Half of May, then all of June, July and August and half of September spent in London and a little bit in Wales, just enjoying being free of work and Foundation stress. I kind of forgot that I was starting a new course; I'm staying at the same uni but starting degree and it's going to be weird carrying on there without all of the people I associate with it. Fortunately most are staying in London or at least England, and we also have an art collective, De Wallen, which will definitely keep me in touch with my foundation friends.

I felt like sharing a lil summary / timeline of Foundation just as I haven't really accepted that it's over! And it really was so damn good.  

From the start through rotation to my first fashion project ^

Drawing trip, halloween and my birthday ^


Japan and the Easter holidays ^

Final show and final major project ^

I think the intensity of knowing it only lasted a year almost made the course better as you knew you had to enjoy it while it lasted. I feel a bit underwhelmed at the thought of degree as I can't imagine it really matching up but I'm hoping to be proven wrong.


I also have some new work up on De Wallen Collective - "work on the theme of memory, exploring the way we build layers and layers of experience and memories over time, often attaching them to certain places or objects. Collage on card and photo transfer and embroidery on a bed sheet and a shirt."
Have a good week!


  1. Aw good luck with your new course hun!! Those photos are so cute <3

  2. your outfit looks great ! :)
    you look so pretty!
    Following you now!
    hope you visit my blog & follow too if you like :)
    With love ♥.http://www.gigijay.com/blog/

  3. Ahh, good luck Ellie! I'm sure this year will be just as amazing! <3

  4. I hope that new year at the uni will be good for you! :)
    I love your little notebook with your sketches, you're so talented!

  5. Good luck at uni!! Love these photos too, I'm just starting on my art foundation course so super excited to see whats to come x x

    1. thank you!! you will love it, foundation is the best! x


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