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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Today has been one of the slowest days of the year so far. I blame having Physics first lesson...it's hardly motivation for the day. I seem to have survived though, despite being rained on several times and having to dodge multiple ping-pong balls in P.E, and am now looking forward to a nice evening in sewing up some samples for my Textiles coursework and watching the new Outnumbered which is on TV later. I loved the old series and hope they manage to make it work, even with the actors being much older.

Please excuse my lack of good quality photos - the rain has not made shooting very easy however I do intend to make up for it with some better ones this weekend. This outfit was from Monday...I was feeling very autumnal (what a surprise) and felt like whipping out my comfy old cardigan I bought from Clothes Show Live last year. I wore it with a shirt from Blitz, tights from H&M, dress from Camden Passage and shoes from Clothes Show. The shoes are adorable and incredibly granny-ish, however they are not very practical for winter as they are absolutely freezing.

In other news, my hamster Elvis is doing well...we've had him for just over a week now and he is really starting to settle in, although as you can see he still can't hold still for pictures very well.
I also got some old film developed, and as is my resolution to post twice a week I may as well show them to you now, even though they are a little jumbled (but then again so is this entire post).

1) The room we stayed in on our one-night Geography field trip to Guildford 2) Pretty lights on during the day in Oxford 3&4) On Boxing Day my family and I went on an early morning walk around Exmouth Market and it was really tranquil and quiet and I found a cool bike

1-4) I turned 16 in November last year and had a really awesome day, finished off with an amazing chocolate orange marble cake in the shape of a record from the fabulous Coco's Cakes

1) My cousin & I on my birthday 2) I had a sort of slumber party thing with my friends, which of course meant Clueless and a pick and mix cake 3) We discovered a diner in France that sold the most incredible passionfruit milkshakes

I apologise for the fact that this post made absolutely no sense whatsoever...I will be back to more structured blogging soon I promise.
In the meantime, I hope you are having a good week,

ellie xo


  1. Love your tights and shoes! Elvis is adorable (also bravo on the naming its very fitting). Love all the film pictures too! xo


  2. All your photos are so darn awesome, I love your creativity! And I am so excited for Outnumbered later on too!xx

  3. so beautiful photos! i love them

  4. those shoes are amazing! your birthday looks great and oh man that cake..



  5. In love with your shoes and these disposables are so cute <3

  6. Love your disposables and yes yes yes at the Yardbirds reference! <3



  7. omg those shoes are amazing <3


  8. Love the dress and your cardigan! The birthday pictures are so cool! :) xx

  9. I am forever in love with your photos, your braids, your sense of style... and Elvis, of course!

  10. I didn't really care that the post was jumbled! I loved the birthday photos...I'm turning 16 this february so it gave me some ideas! If only I had a milk & gluten free recipe for that cake! (i hate having allergies!)

    1. thankyou! and aw no I'm sure we'll think of something!

  11. i love the vintage feel you gave off and i always say this but you are so cute

  12. those pictures are great and I loved your outfit

  13. oh my god you take the best pics ever

  14. Your party looks like so much fun and a lot of calories too! And your shoes are so cute

  15. Happy belated sweet sixteen.

  16. lovely post, beautiful photographs xx


  17. Happy Birthday!!



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