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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hello again! It feels like we have a lot to catch up on. Last weekend was a particularly busy one for me - bridesmaid-dress shopping with my cousin on Saturday (I've been left with urges to wear an antique wedding dress 24/7 and get all Cecilia Lisbon on you guys), followed by a friend's 1998-themed birthday party, to which I went dressed as one half of the twins in The Parent Trap. After spending a lovely night dancing to Abba and the occasional Kate Bush, I decided to spend Sunday down at the Vintage Car Boot Sale on the Southbank. It was a good decision - amazing vintage cars, combined with stalls upon stalls of kitschy clothes and homewares...what was not to love?! There was also incredible food, live music and the weather was almost felt like I was on holiday.

As usual, we arrived just as it opened, and so had the entire event pretty much to ourselves for a while before everyone else arrived. It gave me time to take some pictures of my outfit, which was of course slightly bizarre and very yellow. The cardigan, shoes and belt are from Beyond Retro, the dress from Camden Market,  the shirt from Blitz and the tights and socks from Topshop. I did wear a variation of this outfit to Clothes Show Live in December, and so I apologise as yes, I am an outfit repeater. Sue me.

The food did not disappoint - although tempted by the amazing hot dogs, mac & cheese, fajitas and many other exciting options available for lunch, I chose edamame, dumplings and salad which was as heavenly as dumplings and salad can be (i.e: very heavenly).

Everything had such a retro feel to it - the only cars allowed inside the event space had to be registered classic cars, and so for the time you spent there you could sort of pretend that nothing newer even existed. It got much busier as the day went on, and as the weather brightened up, until it became a noisy hub of vintage lovers and 60's throwbacks....greying and course men, skin as worn as the leather on a car seat lounged familiarly on classic vespas, their mod haircuts and leather jackets not framing their faces and figures the way they probably used to. 40's hair was the style of the day, with red lips and small waists in abundance. It was a lovely gathering of those of us who are somewhat 'time-warped', and a lovely place for the more flamboyant-styled to be admired and celebrated.

I also had my first ice cream van ice cream of the year - and obviously thought it was so good I couldn't manage to open my eyes for the photograph. Oops.

 On the way home, we stopped by Konditor & Cook to pick up some little cakes (toffee apple crumble, need I say more). For some reason, the day felt like it went on forever, which was wonderful - time flies so fast for me nowadays, and so I relish the moments where it drags a little. I dream of those long summer days, with nothing to do except sprawl in the sun, reading Lolita and listening to Bob Dylan.
I hope you all had a good weekend,

ellie xo


  1. Such lovely photo's, the vintage car boot sale looks so fun!

  2. wooow this looks like a dreamy place to be every weekends. I love vintage cars, my dad raised me well, we had a bunch of old mustangs and he even remake one himself.

    You look lovely in your dress and I love the group of women with all the same dress but in different colors, great picture!

    oh and the wesfalias *drools*


  3. lovely pictures! I love your dress. xxo

  4. your dress rocks! and oh these vintage cars....lovely event <3

  5. Wow wow wow this looks awesome. That ice cream van is the cutest & I am very jealous of the toffee apple crumble flavour mmm! I keep thinking of summer alsoxx

  6. Love your outfit, the combination of prints is so pretty! x

  7. This is officially my favorite post you've ever had! All of the photos are so lovely and your outfit is soooo flawless. You are probs my biggest inspiration right now, dude. Keep up the bitchin' posts!!! :-) I wish you were in the Houston area so you could go to the Pop Shop events because you would love them sO MUCH!

    1. Thankyou so much! you are my fave person ever....and omg same we could meet up and have the awesomest time omg <3

  8. Absolutely adore these photos, you have such a beautiful aesthetic which i admire so much! I love the southbank, so vintage and classic cars on the Southbank sounds perfect!

  9. This looks amazing! Your cardigan is so cute. I love car boot sales but I've never been to a vintage one! xo

  10. I wish there were events like this at my country but there are only some vintage shops that have clearances every now and then :( This place seems to be filled with so many little treasures that it is probably impossible not to enjoy it. Also, you look very lovely in your sundress <3

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