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Friday, 23 May 2014

Motel Florals

Motel vintage print dress, $59 / Motel vintage print dress, $59 / Motel crop top, $34 / Motel vintage crop top, $37 / Motel vintage crop top, $37 / Motel flared skirt, $51 / Motel vintage pleated skirt, $42 / Motel print legging, $37 / Motel high rise shorts, $51 / Motel vintage canvas backpack, $71

 Hi guys! I know I only posted the other day but as I've just finished the worst of my exams I thought I may as well take the time to share a little summer inspiration with you. I'm going to Reading festival this year and am really looking forward to the outfits more than anything...I mean I have literally been planning each outfit meticulously even though it's almost three months away. I am really into florals at the moment, not only because they are a summer essential but because they are literally designed to be clashed. I adore clashing patterns...for me, if I'm not wearing at least three different patterns at once, the outfit is just not complete. So, I think I am going to be spending this entire summer encasing myself in as many floral prints as humanly possible...and where better to find them than Motel?
I was featured on the Motel blog after London Fashion Week, and although I had actually already bought a few of their pieces before (they're sold in the Oxford Street Topshop as well as online) I had never really realised just how much they have on offer. They stock a lot of really cute, just ahead of fashionable items such as fluffy skirts (the 90s will return this summer I'm sure of it) and cropped Polo necks to the BEST selection of co-ords and an awesome range of reworked vintage pieces. I made the above board to try and demonstrate the awesome-ness of Motel's florals and patterns in one image...which was pretty difficult as there is just so many pretty things!

(Some tumblr inspiration...sources here: 1,2,3,4)

I felt these images kind of summarised the summery, hazy feeling I'm starting to get into, and they kind of go with the Motel board's aesthetic. I'm really looking forward to being able to wear lots of light, floaty floral layers...and am hoping to maybe pick up a few similar pieces next week at Motel's Pop Up Sample Sale! If you are in London next week, I totally recommend nipping down to Great Portland Street and trying to grab a few bargains before the warm weather hits (hopefully). I'm definitely going to go...I have my eye on a few nice pieces for the summer!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend...I am in Brighton tomorrow for a little respite before the next lot of exams begin, so I'll have a post from there up when I get home. Also, if you do get a moment to vote for me again tonight (I thought tomorrow was the last day but it turns out today is!) in Company's Style Awards that would be amazing! Thankyou!


  1. Ahh, happy you've got the bulk of your worst exams over! I'm planning on popping into the Motel Rocks sample sale next week as well! Would be great if I bumped into you! finally voted for the you in the awards tonight! Christina xoxo

    1. Thankyou so much! Hopefully will see you there! :)

  2. The 90s are totally in (maybe not "mainstream" but it's definitely making a comeback) which is great because my secret love of that era knows no bounds.
    Also, I LOVE the pictures you posted. They just seem to fit into that whole summery/70s/flower power theme which I love.
    Have a great weekend!! :)
    xx Tessie

  3. beautiful!

  4. I love your new design so much!! I really need to upgrade my blog, but I haven't found the time or the perfect artist... Anyways, I really love your moodboard, because it's exactly how I've been feeling, too! Spring is so lovely with all the bright colors and florals <333

  5. love the new blog design! Motel things are to die for...they're just so nice!
    Holly │Flower Crowns and Daisy Chains

  6. I agree whole heartedly on the clashing of patters, especially florals. I am also really loving the hazy summery feel, as you said. Reminds me a lot of the beginnings of the Virgin Suicides, or those old polaroids that go milky. So pretty.


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