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Monday, 23 March 2015

This weekend has been surprisingly busy, although I think the main thing I have gained from it is a really bad cold! I tried to go and watch the eclipse on Friday morning with some friends only to sit in the grey and cold for an hour, which might have been the was a nice way to spend my morning off of school though, and considering I only had one more lesson and spent the free period after that in a coffee shop with friends made for a really good end to a hectic week. On Saturday I worked as usual, and then on Sunday took a quite spontaneous trip down to Margate again to see an exhibition at the Turner Contemporary, before seeing my friend's band later that evening.

I couldn't help but use the day as an excuse to wear my second pair of art socks from Topshop. These ones have 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch, which I actually managed to see a few years ago at the Tate gallery in London. I'm becoming a bit obsessed and would love to have all of my favourite artworks recreated on socks. I guess it does raise questions over whether we are over-commercialising art in the 21st century - but in all honesty I do think if you appreciate the piece and want to wear it on an item of clothing, why not? It's only when pieces, for example the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, are completely commercialised and put on everything to the point that they lose their meaning that I think it's gone a step too far. I don't know, I guess it's a real grey area.
Anyway,  wore them with a Beyond Retro shirt, Polo and Mocha knit jumper (folded up to look cropped), Monki denim skirt, Rokit jacket and shoes from The Whitepepper. I also wore my new bag from the lovely people at Mi-Pac...I adore anything cream-coloured and can't believe how much it fits in with my wardrobe. It's also a really useful size for carrying cameras or school things around, and is waterproof and made of really durable material. The fact that it is cream also means it does not scratch or mark as easily as you might expect black PU or leather to, so it's basically the most practical thing ever.

The main reason I had gone back to Margate was to pop into the Turner Contemporary again to see the finished Felicity Allen exhibition, as the last time I was there I watched her work on her portraits of Rosie Wylie and really wanted to see the final pieces. I love the fact that the gallery, plus it's exhibitions, is all free - it makes art so much more accessible, and means you can revisit a piece or room as many times as you feel necessary without having to pay each time. If I lived nearer, I would spend most days working there - it has such a peaceful, serene feel, with photography allowed (you feel so much more relaxed when you know you aren't being followed by a suspecting security guard) and the most amazing sea view. It also works well as you feel much more inclined to spend money in the gorgeous café or shop, so they probably get the equivalent of an entrance fee from each person anyway. Also, their branding is fantastic - why would you ever serve cupcakes without a sugar paper Van Dyck?

(photos of the final pieces, and my photo of Allen working on one of the Rosie Wylie portraits).

The exhibition did not disappoint - although small, the room was flooded with natural light from its wall of window that looked out on to the seafront, and large watercolour portraits lined the remaining walls. Each one was of a woman who had been a pioneer in their own way for women in the creative arts industry, and each was so lifelike and yet so stylised at once. Allen uses paint sparingly, and to great effect - implying patterns on clothes, or shadows and changes in skin tone, but working in detail on eyes and hair, giving each portrait a candid, realistic edge. It was one of those exhibitions that makes you want to sit down right there and then and create some of your own art.

After the gallery I went on an obligatory stroll through Margate's pretty shops, and stopped for a coffee in the cupcake café again. I will eventually get around to trying another place to eat, but for now it's nice going to the same place as you know what you are going to get, and that it's what you want. I also was able to try out my newest addition to my camera collection...I bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 with a gift voucher from my God Mum, Uncle and cousins, and ah I love it so much! It's really small and light and takes proper polaroid photos (the picture above isn't scanned in very well but you get the idea).

The beach was a welcome break from the concrete of London, and although brief the visit gave me time to clear my head a little before the week ahead (deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines). School is just getting harder at the moment, and I kind of feel as if I'm being stretched in about eight different directions at once, but I don't have that much longer left before the stress of exams is all over and I can relax a little before it starts again next year.

We had a quick lunch from the café again before driving home, in time for English coursework and meeting some pals to see my friends play in their band. It was a long sunday night involving lots of getting lost, running for the tube, 80s patterns, glitter and dancing in a room with a disco ball, black and white lino and red velvet curtains. I took some film photos that are being developed at the moment, and so am looking forward to seeing what they come out like.

Also, I'm going to be receiving some pieces from Cuff n Roll in the next week or so to style for this page, and have been asked to include them in an introductory post beforehand. They are an online vintage clothes store on Etsy that sells a huge range of comfy, nineties pieces - true vintage gems, such as plaid shirts and Levi's, that are a must-have in any wardrobe for any style. I really like their casual, laid-back look and am looking forward to seeing what I can do with their pieces! You can check them out here.
Anyway, I hope you have a good week!


  1. Love your outfit! You have such a cool and quirky sense of style, especially like the classic denim jacket :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post :)

  2. I love all your photographs and seeing your adventures and as usual your outfit is lovely! xx

  3. Margate looks so interesting from your posts! I've never been before, but I think a trip down to the Turner Contemporary might be in order.

    Bethany |

  4. love your the scream socks with all your shoes! and the photos from the Turner Contemporary <3

  5. I LOVE these photos - and the beach photos, especially! My favorite part of them is probably the backpack you're wearing.

  6. love the art socks and those cupcakes?! Margate looks so cute n twee, will have to pay a visit sometime x


  7. Love this post! I love that you showed how you actually use the outfits in everyday life instead of just styling and shooting them.

  8. I love your style so so so much, it's so unique and also you are very stunning. :) Think I've said this before but your blog is definitely one of my favourites!

  9. You and your outfits are always so great! I deeply admire your layering skills.

  10. I really love your style :)

  11. I love your knitted jumper; such a gorgeous colour. And those socks you're wearing really are just incredible! x

  12. Hi Ellie!

    You look positively lovely and I like the way you've styled the outfit. The socks with the image of The Scream on them are delightful. You raise an interesting point about the over-commercialisation of art, but I think if the wearer really loves and appreciates the image, then the artist wouldn't mind. At least, that's the way I view it.

    It's lovely to visit your blog, as always. :)

    Saba x


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