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Saturday, 19 March 2016

This week has been peaceful - lots of work but just about enough time to do it, early mornings and vaguely early nights (early for me, at least) and a Thursday spent wandering around London. I only had one lesson, so took the day to spend time in the city and visit the British Museum for my art project. The last time I visited I was about 7 years old and studying the ancient Egyptians at school, and we managed to get lost in the museum's huge rooms of mummies and sarcophagi...safe to say, I was terrified and convinced we were trapped forever. I hadn't dared go back until now and I'm so pleased I finally did - the building is huge and beautiful and it contains so many amazing artefacts and is the perfect place if you need a bit of inspiration or a nice break from the busy city outside.  

This outfit is from a few days ago, and includes a Beyond Retro shirt, Rokit skirt, Blitz denim jacket, Underground shoes and Monki socks. The bag is from Depop.

It's been really hard to break out of my obsession with red and monochrome - recently I've been obsessed with the combination, and it's become so difficult to put outfits together without some red or black and white stripes thrown in somewhere. The patterned bag and socks are easy to add to any outfit...I really must start wearing other colours again before I become someone who exclusively wears red. Not that that would be a bad thing...it is probably going to happen one day. Anyway, have a lovely weekend!!


  1. You look so fab in the red and monochrome combo though!


  2. you pull this off so well. I love the socks :)


  3. Love the clash of patterns but the harmonious colours, it works so well and you look amazing. Need to get myself another jean jacket! <3

  4. Beetlejuice comes to mind :) You look supercool!

  5. Your clothes are so beyaotifk and you style is impeccable you're so cool oh my goodness


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