I was dancing in the rain, I felt alive and I can't complain

Sunday, 13 March 2016

This week has been peaceful; I watched movies with friends, started making some of my first performance art pieces, and saw Aurora perform in Covent Garden (which was amazing - for some reason I rarely listen to female singers but she is so mesmerising...and her songs truly magical). I'm now having a sleepy Sunday, listening to her album and feeling motivated to create things and go places.
I never used to wear navy; now, I seem to wear it all the time. Since getting a pair of Topshop's Wide Leg Pinstripe Trousers, and this "COWBOY" bomber jacket from Depop, I seem to be wearing the colour very often and usually all at once. I love clashing patterns and it's quite fun limiting yourself to one colour but still trying to look a little crazy, as I tend to want to. I wore this outfit on Mother's day, on a little family trip out to central London. The shirt (worn over a navy velvet top I found at a market for €1 in France!) is part of an original 1940's skirt suit I found at a market, and I liked combining it with the bomber and giving it a casual and completely different style to the way it's designer probably intended it to be worn. I wore jewellery from Hirst Antiques, socks from Topshop, bag from Depop and shoes from Monki.

I still have gingham ribbon tied to the back of my necklace after I used it to lengthen it a few weeks back. I quite like having odd bits of ribbon and fabric draped on my person. As with patterns, the more the merrier, really.

I've been feeling weird recently in regards to what I'm doing in ~life~. I applied to Tokyo fashion week on a whim, as I've always dreamed of visiting, and actually received some invites to shows. I was so tempted but unfortunately the short notice has somewhat rendered me unable to make it...but, it has fixed my plan to go this time next year for certain. Which is crazy. I'm actually going to be travelling for work. That's insane. I want to do Paris this year too, in September if I can...it just shows that when you want things to happen, sometimes it's more about just going out and doing them instead of waiting for someone to tell or ask you to. Why wait for future possibility when you can make it happen now?
I also really want to work on the things I bring to the table, both creatively and otherwise. I have been keeping this blog forever but I have so much more in terms of ideas and thoughts that I want to put into words, paint on canvases, sew into clothes and capture in photographs. I want to start making and creating every day instead of spending some days only dreaming about it.
That got quite deep there. I could go on for hours. Instead, I'm going to go and make some art - one of the most cathartic / fulfilling things I can recommend in times of doubt about your creative potential. Anyway, I hope you all have a great week...I will have a longer post up in a day or two, but for now here are a few phone photos from Aurora and this week in general. Have a lovely week!


  1. Yas! Rockin' this look gal


  2. Love the navy!
    xx Alyssa

  3. cool outfit!


  4. I , SO, wish I had this bombers ! It is perfect!
    And again you look flawless lady <3


  5. so young and you're already going to fashion shows. i swear you're seriously an inspiration.

  6. I want to have them. And thanks for your share .

  7. ^^ I had the same thought- like shit, I wish I had one iota of the energy to create and also pursue fashion the way you do Ellie! <3



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