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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Salut! Oui, je suis revenu de Paris! Ok I think that was 'I have returned from Paris' but if I am honest, my GCSE French skills have seriously diminished since my exam a whole two years ago (I feel old). Anyway, as a fairly spontaneous pre-exam jaunt, Sinéad, Sophie and I all escaped to Paris for three days, to see a couple of our fave bands play at KCon. I'm rarely a fan of any event that can be termed a convention, but I would be lying if I said I could resist seeing BTS and SHINee play so close to where I live. I also got a fringe cut like the day before so it was all change and travel and excitement, and the perfect start to the summer as I have officially finished school now so am free (apart from exams) until university in September!
The trip began somewhat stressfully - trying to blow-dry a fringe with no fringe experience is a struggle - but I made it on time to the train, despite having to buy a replacement bag at King's Cross in the only shop open that early in the morning as I managed to break my other one on the way. Crisis averted, new bag in hand, I successfully made it onto the train and to Paris, only nearly being sat on by a stranger once ("oh, sorry, didn't see you there!" ... um right?????!!!!) and was greeted at the other side by my two angels holding a sign in Sinéad's sketchbook that said my name! We then headed straight out ~explorin~ as we couldn't get into our room until way later, and had no plans except to sightsee!

Our sightseeing mission was satisfied once we had made it to the Eiffel Tower. It is, undoubtedly, the one thing you really must see if you are in Paris. We found it hilarious how it only had a four and a half star rating on a map application, and spent a long time taking wonderful tourist photos and relaxing on a bench trying to avoid the many sellers trying to get you to buy merchandise you really don't want or take a bike ride for probably an extortionate amount of money. We made a cute sightseeing team as we matched in three pink-themed outfits. (My sweater is from the Little Sunny Bite x Lazy Oaf collaboration !)

We then found our apartment, a super cute teeny house behind a bus stop on a very Parisian street. It was really sweetly decorated with posters and stickers everywhere, speakers and laptop (which we utilised immediately - got to bang out some good tunes whilst cooking) and pretty much a ladder and some boxes to get up into the attic or into the bathroom. It was teeny and cute and I actually really miss it - it felt like we actually owned it even just for those two nights.

The next day, after a peaceful sleep, we had an excitable morning getting all cute and ready for the day, and headed over to the arena as the concert we actually went to see had a convention (although we queued for like 5 hours and didn't actually get in...). It got to about 3.30pm ish and we caved and just went to buy food from a sweet French café before refreshing back at our apartment before coming back and queuing again for the actual concert. Fans were giving out sweet banners and playing music so the time passed quite quickly, and I of course spent most of it dancing.

Cute before concert selfies compared to post concert selfies...
The show itself was AMAZING like I cannot quite express how damn good it was. We saw loads of bands like f(x), block b, SHINee and BTS...I did dance pretty much the entire time and am still unsure how I managed to walk out afterwards. We had booked separately so I was in a different section to Sinéad and Sophie. When I first sat down I was next to someone else's dad and I was certain it was going to be really awkward however it turned out I was in the wrong seat, and I was actually supposed to be in the one behind. This meant I actually ended up spending the show sitting next to the loveliest Alexandra who spoke French and English, translated everything for me (such an angel!) and danced super hard with me the whole night, making full use of the two spare seats either side of us. It's crazy how you can meet people for such brief times but have such lovely experiences! I made sure to grab a photo together as I have a need to document everything in my life. I hope we can meet again sometime and I can repay her for her amazing concert buddy skills.

After the concert we spent a long time re-living it through our different accounts, photos and videos, before buying cheap fruity rosé wine, huge oranges and biscuits and dancing around in post-concert bliss. I had such a contented sleep afterwards knowing we had achieved what we came to do.
I've never actually done anything so wild to see bands before but to be honest it was the best experience and I actually nearly cried more than once when I got home because I missed it all so much. If you haven't, totally check out BTS / SHINee / Block b / f(x) as they are super amazing (on each I linked either their latest song or my personal fave music video etc...seriously worth a watch).
Anyway, now I am home and back to sad revision before my exams this week. Hope you all have a lovely week and if you have exams, good luck!


  1. Ahh this trip looks like such a fun dreamy escape <3 obsessed with the photos! Also your fringe is super cute x


  2. Meeting strangers at concerts is my favourite thing! I always feel sad thinking you've had such a wonderful time yet may never see them again and its weird to share that memory. Still can't get over how cute your fringe is you rock it so much! Glad you had such a fun time in paris, the apartment looked adorable!

    1. it really is the best right?! and thanks so much!

  3. Your fringe looks amazing! I've been trying to decide whether to get one or not and I think you've swayed me! Also your trip looks so rad, I'd love to just get away right now, so lucky you! Also good luck with your exams
    H xx

    1. Also I've just tagged you in a '50 things about me' tag if you'd like to check it out! -Its on my blog

    2. thank you so much! and aw I will have a peek hehe thank you! xx


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