Festival Picks with Beyond Retro - plus competition!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Summer is, undoubtedly, the time for festivals. With school, college or university out for a few weeks, it's the perfect opportunity to dance in the sunshine with your friends to your favourite bands, letting your hair loose for the holiday before returning to real life afterwards. They can be wonderful breaks from city life and are experiences that can really shape you as a person - making it back home, alive, after Reading festival two years ago is definitely an achievement I can owe a lot of my current self-belief to. One of the best parts of festivals, however, is in fact the clothes - the brighter, bolder and wilder the better. Beyond Retro are running a festival competition whereby a lucky winner could receive £250 worth of Beyond Retro gift vouchers, plus a festival styling experience to help get you kitted out in vintage for the summer. In celebration of this #beyondretrofest, I put together a few festival looks to give you an idea of what you might want to wear (and show you how to enter the competition!)

For me, festivals are all about colour. Everyone goes all-out, and so the brighter, the better. You also want to be cool and comfortable, so you can dance all day and all night without having to worry about uncomfortable clothes or getting too hot. These shorts from Beyond Retro are ideal festival wear - comfortable, and cartwheel-proof, these will see you from sleepy mornings around the campfire all the way to nights spent screaming lyrics from the shoulders of your tallest friend. The abstract pattern is fun and makes it easy to wear with other patterns to create an easy, colourful look. I wore them with a stripey Beyond Retro top and vintage bomber jacket.
To enter the competition, all you need to do is style your own festival look featuring an item from Beyond Retro, and share it on Instagram with the hashtags #beyondretro and #beyondretrofest, and tagging @beyondretro !

 You may be trying to pack lightly for a festival, but please, please take a coat or similar hoodie or jacket! Something like the one I chose here is lightweight, rainproof, bright and fun but also very practical. The nights are very cold even in summer, and you will thank yourself later when you have a cosy coat to keep you warm in icy tent conditions! I also recommend using it as a pillow. Coat pillows are a fantastic alternative to carrying a pillow there and back.

 The good thing about an outfit like this is that it is very interchangeable. Festivals require the lightest packing as possible, meaning it's often easier to pack a few items that can mix and match rather than a whole separate outfit for each day. Something like the shorts I am wearing here are perfect for that sort of thing - wear with a top one day, like I am here, the next you could layer them under a mesh dress, the next wear with a sweater or a teeny bralet. Versatile and re-wearable, this sort of item is invaluable when you are living in a field for a long weekend! Have a peek at Beyond Retro's festival edit, here.

 Don't forget to enter the Beyond Retro competition - all you need to do is post a photo of a festival look, featuring a Beyond Retro item, on Instagram using the hashtags #beyondretro and #beyondretrofest, and tagging @beyondretro!
 Hope you have a lovely week and get your festival outfit game on!


  1. wow I love this outfit! the shorts are amazing!



  2. Love your hair these days! Those shorts are rad and you still have the best taste in shoes. :) xo

  3. This outfit is unbelievably beautiful!!!! I love every piece of it and agree that this is a pretty good outfit for festivals. It should be filled with colors!!!

  4. You look great. I love all the colours!

  5. You look so awesome in this, very jel of that stripy top the clashing prints work soooo well! Also v in love with your jacket, will deffo be entering that beyond retro comp - their bits are always fab for summer I feel.

  6. that varsity jacket is killing me. if the weather wasn't so hot 24/7/365 i'd wear it down to the threads.

  7. That car and the roses work so perfectly with your outfit, how do you always manage to find such cute places with the right vibes ahh!?!



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