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Friday, 8 July 2016

Hello again!! Apologies for the mini hiatus, summer has started and is in full swing and I've been a lot busier than I had expected. A lot of my friends are inter-railing right now, however as I need to save up for art foundation (no student loan...wonderful) I'm only going on a shorter trip later in the holiday. It's been weird everyone travelling whilst I am at home - last summer I was barely in the UK, so it's strange to have the tables turn so dramatically. It's been helpful though, as I was subconciously jealous of how productive everyone is being and how many places they will discover and experiences they will have...so I seem to have pushed myself to do as much work and be as productive as possible, in the hope of making my summer extremely worthwhile too.
So far, I've worked on photoshoots for Bloom issue 2 - issue one is here, by the way! I will say more on that later but if you want one for free don't forget to email your address to submitbloom@gmail.com! I sent out a call for models on social media and was quite overwhelmed by the amazing response, so I am pretty booked up the whole month taking pictures of people. I also have started working as an assistant stylist on shoots with Jessica Gywneth, a super talented photographer and stylist. It's fantastic experience and involves running all over London with a suitcase, picking up and dropping off clothes from designers and PR companies. I have completely fallen in love with the role and now can't seem to turn down any offer to help out - it's just so much fun to be involved!

This outfit is from the last day of returns I had to do from a shoot on Monday. I found this shirt for £3 in Absolute Vintage in Brick Lane, and super bouncy platform converse from Rokit. Everything else including the diamonté choker is from Rokit too.

I also met up with Sinéad and we spent the afternoon buying very cheap vintage, weeping over adorable puppies sleeping outside shops and eating boxes of peaches a man gave to us. All in all a very ideal summer day.

Some actual Fashion things I want to talk about...Liam Hodges AW16

 Liam Hodges a/w 16-17 images from Vogue

I'm really into primary colours at the moment, as well as using location based concepts as inspiration for designs. Hodges balances both of these perfectly in his AW16 collection, using license plate yellow, black, white, red and royal blue to explore the trope of the "British Petrolhead." With a clear view of the man he wanted to portray, Hodges uses graphics to contextualise the collection, with custom license plates and road markings making up prints on some pieces. Silhouettes are loose and baggy - reminiscent of the classic overalls worn by men working on their beloved cars. Patchwork has been upgraded to the deconstruction and reconstruction of 'known' styles - creating an almost collage of pieces within the garments rather than solely on their surface. A collection that is definitely far more complex and intriguing than a mere bunch of tracksuits or simple streetwear.

Maison Margiela A/W16-17

Maison Margiela a/w 16-17 images from Vogue

In what is possibly one of my favourite collections of all time, Maison Margiela have again managed to up the stakes of what it means to be couture. Remaining as truly innovative as ever, the collection featured a huge variety of materials, structures and ideas, playing with so many concepts and pushing the boundaries of material to create stunning visual pieces that render themselves more art than fashion. Galliano's intuitive play with surrealism and reality shapes the work into incredibly complex pieces - shirts and coats are subverted, flipped and worn with the sleeves knotted around the body, maritime references contrasted with motorcycle leathers...as explained by Maison Margiela "a sense of the incredible and the impossible spins throughout."

Prom !

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to make my own dress from scratch on the day of my final school Prom. I managed to make something incredibly "me," although in hindsight I would have loved to play with structure more (there is always next time). Considering how long it took me (I only had a few hours before I had to leave) I was quite happy with the result. It was a very fitting end to my time at college.

It was a very cute night that was indeed made better by the fact my eyeshadow and accessories matched the curtain of the photobooth. It has to be said, I live for colour matching.


I've also been working on loads of content for Bloom issue 2, including shooting with Valeriya, Alan and Olek as part of an upcoming series looking at the creative youth scene. It's been nice working on film all the time, and with a purpose - I am super excited to see how the final zine turns out.
In the meantime, however, ISSUE ONE OF BLOOM CAN BE YOURS FOR ~FREE~ IF YOU EMAIL SUBMITBLOOM@GMAIL.COM WITH YOUR ADDRESS!!!! I AM SENDING THEM WORLDWIDE FOR FREE as I took so long to finally get them together and printed! Now just to get the website up. No rest for the wicked. Anyway - have a lovely week!


  1. These photos are so gd omg and wth?? how did you manage to make that dress so quickly? it's so funky xxx


  2. I always love your pictures and your lovely writing. But those prom pictures, SO PRETTY!

  3. Ahhh you look so insane at prom! I love the eyeshadow look. Hope you had a wonderful time! You always have the best photosets and I really wanna go on a Rokit splurge now!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  4. Congrats on issue 1, and I love love your prom photos! So cool!

    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

  5. Wow I love that dress! congratulations on your graduation and on issue1 It looks damn cool!, all pictures are awesome as always! :)

    The Mushroom Rain

  6. love the dress you made for prom! and I can't wait to see bloom issue 1 :)


  7. Definitely going to be emailing for the first issue of bloom, love independent magazines!
    It sounds like your life is in full force and going up, good luck with everything you're doing!Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  8. Sounds like a really great, productive summer, you're work for bloom sounds really cool and fun, will definitely keep a look out for the magazine. I love Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane, I always find great pieces there and I love your shirt. The floral acts as a nice contrast to the more bold, chunky items in your outfit like the shoes and the choker. And you really pull off the mix of floral patterns and stripes, it makes for a very bold and striking look! Love it.

  9. this is such an informative post... not to mention gorgeous. your prom pictures look absolutely beautiful, and I'd say that eating a whole box of peaches is roundabout my idea of heaven. (working for bloom sounds super super super cool!!!) xxx



  10. Your prom dress is stunning!! -how did you manage to make it so quickly?!
    H xx

  11. LOVE the red eye look!

    Ruby x


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