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Sunday, 16 April 2017

It's weird to think that art foundation is nearly over - it's pretty much consumed all of my time and thoughts for the last 6/7 months, and I'm not quite sure how I'll adjust to normal life again once we break up for the summer.
Since I last posted a lot has happened...there's been fashion week, countless work for uni, BA applications and interviews (aka portfolio hell) and a 3-week Easter holiday during which I visited Tokyo for a week. I'm now back at foundation and close to drowning in final major project, but I want it to be my best work yet so I think there's definitely some excitement mixed in with the panic.
Here is a lil update of some film from recently...I will post in more detail about Japan as well as the many other things that have happened in 2017 so far in a later post. (photo above by Yukika at her Thursdays Youth Club event).

Alan outside a brewer gig in Bromley-by-bow / me attempting a 'casual look' for family drinks / myself, Stevie and Anna before electrowerkz / a catch up with angel Mona over a picnic at Hackney Marshes / Georgia's sweet room, from an evening of ramen and Almost Famous

Anna and Maya, an evening of cheap beer and nostalgic tunes / Alexi on Clapham Common after looking at dead things in jars and drinking cider in the sun / Sam and Stanley, an art evening / art and wine bottle art by Shane and Sukey / Sunday pub embroidery with Clodagh and Ellen

Test pieces and response shoots for my Final Major Project, models: Nik, Oscar and Cordelia, garments, photography and styling by me / Anna and Rosalind in the fine art studio

Apologies for the very brief update, more will come as I intend to document the last month or two or foundation like crazy, as I already can tell how much I'm going to miss it.
Have a sweet Easter weekend!


  1. love you my angel peach!! (it's g)

  2. wew missed your posts! also art in uni was the best decision i'd ever made (i was in sciences) so im excited for you to start your journey :'-)

  3. love it. can't wait to hear about Japan!!


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