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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Whilst studying my art foundation I feel I've grown up a lot. My work has changed, my style developed, so much has changed that has left me feeling somewhat out of sync and adjacent to the Ellie that used to write on here twice a week in 2014. Rose and Vintage has been everything that made me who I am in the sense that without creating this space and this voice, my true personality would never have been given the time or platform to develop.

However, I think, like me, this page has some growing up to do. Social media and sharing is integral to my work, and so I have no intention of quitting - however I want to welcome a new era of this blog and of my work, and allow it to become something more versatile and honest, without me attempting to tailor my adult self to the Rose and Vintage sweet sixteen year old me that I once was.

So - a new url, just my name...not for any reason other than I don't feel the need to dress myself up with a title anymore, also usually my name is not taken as usernames and the like. I'll leave the header and things for a while just so people don't get mad confused as to where I've gone. I'll still be here, just as myself as I am now.

I hope this change, a sort of re-brand, will let me post more and use this space more dynamically to share my work and interests, whilst not losing any of the traits Rose and Vintage was known for. Also, of course, I won't be deleting my archive - so you're all welcome to laugh at my awkward 2013 posing and cheesy writing.

Have a great week,


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  2. i love your blog and outfits xx


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