Sunday, 23 July 2017

Can you believe...I'm actually back...posting new things...what has happened to me it's almost like summer has given me energy or something.
Just thought I'd share this lot of film photos from Pride and also my holiday with friends to the seaside...I love a bit of documentary photography and as you know I document pretty much every 5 seconds of life on my little point and shoot. I started using this olympus superzoom that I got on ebay for £2.50 after my usual camera's lens cover snapped off, and it actually has such nice colouring and focus that I think I might have found my new favourite camera. Just shows that it's not always about how much you pay.

We spent a week in my friend Stanley's beach house and drank a lot of wine boxes, ate a lot of instant noodles and generally had a really sweet time. 

All of my best photos can be found on my website.
Also watch Grunge'n'art tomorrow as a new editorial I shot is going up!


  1. aah welcome back! i've really missed seeing your posts on my tl :'-)

    1. aw thank you!!!! I will keep actually posting on here - I've missed it!
      Thanks so much for sticking around x

  2. These snaps are so pretty and dreamy! luv it! <3 <3


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