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Sunday, 9 July 2017

 Summer is always strange and busy; seemingly endless despite that looming sense of it's time limit hanging over your shoulders. This summer has been no different, however I've been spending time around home more as I'm not travelling abroad this year. It wasn't really planned, rather a lack thereof; so this summer has been spent at home in England and it's actually been pretty sweet. 

I started working as the Fashion Assistant at XXY Magazine shortly after London Fashion Week Men's in June. I've written a few articles for them now as well as been able to assist on shoots and am learning so much every day; not just about how a magazine works but also so many valuable lessons from the team, who are such insightful and intelligent women who I am so proud to have the opportunity to work with. (see my articles here - Back to the Future at LFWM, Focused Functionalism at LFWM, Politics is LFWM's Biggest Trend).

I've also made a website for my photography and fashion work so it can be found all in one place, which you can find here if you are interested. I'm looking to work more with photography and also go back to making art, which I kind of stopped doing after specialising in fashion during my Foundation course. I realise now making art was a huge buzz for me and also really helped inspire my fashion work and so I'm going to work more on it. I joined De Wallen art collective with some of my closest friends from Foundation, so watch this space in terms of getting my fine art ass back in gear.

These photographs were all taken on a cosy Friday spent hanging out in a dried up paddling pool with Georgia. Georgia and I always end up taking photos when we're together as us combined is like a huge actualisation of all the styling and shoots we imagine doing when apart...her work is so amazing and it's fun to get to be the test dummy for new techniques she's trying out. 
I recently added the pins to my infamous beret, the silver lady was a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday, the badge from an angsty 15-year-old trip to Camden Market and the Frankenstein zombie pal was 1 euro from an antiques market in Paris. 

I was considering making this another sort of update post but everything I have posted this year has been "an update" but has failed to fully catch this blog up with everything I have done since starting Foundation. I got very swept up with the workload and spending time with new friends, and managed to end the year with a Merit in Fashion Design, meaning I can go on to study a degree in Menswear in September. All is exciting. 
Have a good week! 


  1. That sounds amazing, well done abt your studies!! I had a look at your fashion portfolio aswell and it is honestly too inspiring. I'm starting at Kingston this Sep too, so I'm rlly looking forward to experimenting with a lot of new things and seeing what changes about my work. You're going to do so welllll xx


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