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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Happy Sunday! I feel so exhausted after the last week for some reason, which is just perfect considering this week looks crazy busy with press days, manic revision and art work for college, and prep for a family wedding at the weekend. I've started working with a whole bunch of amazing new people and zines over the last week too, meaning this one will be full of producing content and work for them. I'm excited about it though - I'm trying to expand my skill set a little and work more with photography, styling and writing.
Anyway, after a friend's birthday last night, my friend and I spent the morning listening to music written to play to plants to help them grow (seriously, check out plantasia - its from the 60s/70s I think and oh my it's so calming) and eating croissants with hot coffee. I then had some errands to run in central, which of course ended up involving a cute lunch out as well.

 I couldn't quite decide what to wear this morning so thought I'd just wear three shirts at once, because that totally solves the problem right?! I think a lot of people I passed on the street were mildly confused at my triple shirt situation but the patterns were vaguely complimentary and we all know how much I love wearing multiple patterns at once. The dungarees I cut down as I'm really into cropped ankle-grazer kind of shapes at the moment. The shoes are from Monki and are the best thing I have ever owned as they are subtle but still give me a good few inches added to my tiny height.

I had lunch in my favourite little café, Yumchaa, on Berwick street. They do amazing matcha lattes and falafel wraps (both as pictured) as well as a gazillion types of tea, homemade cakes and free mint and cucumber or lemon water to help yourself to. It's really pretty inside as well which is always a huge bonus when it comes to cafés for me.
Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely week! A longer post will come soon I promise.


  1. Perfect as always Ellie! <3

  2. The 3 shirt idea is insanely clever and it looks amazing! <3 the dungarees as well!

  3. such a lovely post as always <3 I LOVE your dungarees and that falafel wrap and matcha latte look A M A Z I N G x

  4. I don't know how you manage to fit it all in Ellie- honestly I wish I had half as much energy as you do!

  5. I love overalls and yours is perfect, you look amazing ; )


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